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Jun 05, 2023

Akeneo’s Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Kristin Naragon, announces candidacy for MACH Alliance Board Membership

The MACH Alliance is a group of independent tech companies which champion open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems.

Boston, MA | 05 June 2023 — Akeneo, the Product Experience company, today announced that its Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Kristin Naragon, has put forward her candidacy for Executive Board Membership to the MACH Alliance, a group of independent tech companies which champion open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems.

Launched in 2020, the MACH Alliance’s mission is to future-proof and propel current and future digital experiences with open and connected enterprise technology. MACH Alliance champions architectures that are microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native SaaS and headless. The vendor-neutral, not-for-profit alliance drives awareness among businesses of the benefits of modern, best-in-class ecosystems that provide flexibility and openness as a key differentiator and driver of competitive advantage.

As the Product Experience company, Akeneo was certified as a member of the MACH Alliance in 2022. Joining as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) member, Akeneo’s leading product experience solution was accredited for embracing MACH philosophies, thanks to the openness and highly connected ecosystem that lie at the heart of Akeneo’s offering.

Even before Akeneo formally joined the MACH Alliance community, Kristin was already an avid supporter of MACH and a keen advocate for the far-reaching benefits of open, innovative and best-of-breed solutions in delivering successful business transformation. She actively champions the power of leveraging a best-in-breed solution in order to forge new ways of collaborating and innovating to problem solve, dial-up performance, grow revenues and streamline operations.

Since Akeneo’s accreditation to the MACH Alliance, Kristin has been a strong brand advocate and evangelist for the MACH Community, and led a keynote session at the inaugural Women in MACH Conference.

Seeking to continue her advocacy of the MACH Alliance in a formal role as an Executive Board Member, Kristin would dedicate her time in the role to exploring ways that MACH principles could become more widely known, understood, and adopted in the U.S. market, channelling her extensive experience in helping European tech firms break into the U.S. to help MACH go mainstream within North America.

“As the largest software market in the world, the decision makers in US companies need to have a better understanding of MACH principles, and it would be my mission to make that a reality,” said Kristin Naragon, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Akeneo. “As commerce leaders around the world evolve their business strategies, especially in the context of economic headwinds, it is more important than ever for them to understand their options for how to get the most out of their technology decisions..”

Endorsing Kristin’s candidacy, Fred de Gombert, Co-Founder and CEO of Akeneo, commented: “I wholeheartedly recommend Kristin Naragon for the MACH Alliance Board position and I am confident that her vision, expertise, and unwavering dedication will help steer the Alliance – and the MACH Community – towards even greater success.”

About Akeneo

Akeneo brings a complete and composable SaaS-based solution for managing, orchestrating, activating, and optimising the entire product record in order to drive compelling and consistent product experiences across all owned and unowned channels and routes-to-market. With its open platform, leading PIM for product data and asset management, and ecosystem connectivity with Akeneo App Store, Akeneo Product Cloud empowers commerce businesses to deliver world-class product experiences that unlock growth.

Leading global brands, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, including Thrasio, Staples Canada, boohoo, and Air Liquide trust Akeneo to scale and customise their omnichannel commerce initiatives. Using Akeneo Product Cloud, brands and retailers can activate product experiences in any channel, therefore driving improved customer experiences, increased sales, reduced time to market, accelerated expansion, and increased team productivity.

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