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Apr 18, 2023

Akeneo Named Overall Ventana Research Value Index Leader in Product eXperience Management Research

The independent market research ranked Akeneo first overall in Customer Experience and second place in Product Experience

The independent market research ranked Akeneo first overall in Customer Experience and second place in Product Experience
BOSTON, April 18, 2023 - Akeneo, the product experience company, is pleased to announce that it has been recognized by Ventana Research, an independent market research and technology advisory services firm, as a Value Index Leader in the 2023 Product Experience Management (PXM) Value Index

The PXM Value Index is a measure of a vendor's ability to fulfill a buyer's PXM needs using their software. By incorporating customer expectations and demands for vendor selection, Ventana Research generates a complete report, helping organizations evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of PIM tools in delivering engaging digital experiences through PXM best practices.

This quantitative, research-based index assessed Akeneo and 15 other PIM vendors across seven categories, comprising five Product Experience categories and two Customer Experience categories: Adaptability, Capability, Manageability, Reliability, and Usability were related to product experience, while Validation and TCO/ROI pertained to customer experience.

Akeneo was rated first place in the “Validation” category, which analyzed a firm's ability to support a customer through their PXM journey across sales, onboarding, support, services, and partners, and how the vendor utilizes customer interactions and feedback to improve their product. Akeneo was also ranked second place in several categories, including  “Usability,” which analyzed the technological intelligence of the vendor’s software across the user’s experience, including the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and usability of the software by employees of varying skill levels and expertise. 

“Since our inception, we have prioritized innovation to ensure our solutions are evolving alongside the ever-changing needs of today’s retail market,” said Kristin Naragon, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Akeneo. “Being named an Exemplary Vendor by Ventana Research further validates that our solutions are effective in propelling our customers towards measurable outcomes, like enhanced revenue and reduced returns, through exceptional and consistent product experiences.”

"Congratulations to Akeneo for its overall Value Index Leader ranking in our 2023 Product eXperience Value Index and the continued investment to its platform and portfolio of products necessary for organizations and its commitment to the Customer Experience it provides," said Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research.” Akeneo PIM, with its dedication to automation and intelligence that enables organizations to manage products effectively across business processes that reach across an enterprise to its customers, partners and suppliers."

This news comes on the heels of Akeneo's 2023 Spring Release, introducing new AI-powered capabilities and retailer integrations for its Akeneo Product Cloud solution. The update features Akeneo Activation for Retail, enabling consistent product experiences on channels like Amazon and Macy’s, AI-driven data cleansing for Akeneo PIM, and an expanded Akeneo App Store with apps like ChatGPT. These enhancements support companies in future-proofing their go-to-market strategies by rapidly delivering compelling product experiences across the customer journey.

For more insight into Akeneo’s results in the 2023 PXM Value Index, the Ventana Market perspective can be found here.

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About Akeneo

Akeneo is the product experience (PX) company and global leader in Product Information Management (PIM), enabling organizations to build and deliver world-class product experiences across every customer touchpoint through a comprehensive PX Strategy. By providing best-of-breed technology and expertise, Akeneos intelligent Product Cloud accelerates growth, reduces time-to-market, and gives organizations the competitive edge needed to convert browsers into buyers.

Leading global brands, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, including Chicos, The Very Group, TaylorMade Golf, Rail Europe, Kering, and more trust Akeneo to scale and customize their omnichannel commerce initiatives. Using Akeneos AI-Centric Product Cloud, companies can activate product experiences in any and all channels that drive an improved customer journey from discovery to purchase, resulting in increased sales, reduced returns, faster time-to-market, and increased team productivity.

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