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Migrating or scaling to an eCommerce platform might seem daunting, but it doesn't need to be.

Whether you’re looking at scaling or replatforming, Akeneo partners with best-of-breed enterprise eCommerce platforms to accelerate your time-to-market, provide best-in-class product experiences, and help you stand out against your competition.

The Power of Growth is in the Connection

eCommerce Migration Made Easy with PIM

To help you handle the product information-related challenges with a move to a new eCommerce platform, we’ve come up with this guide to how PIM can help ensure your new eCommerce platform is loaded with pristine product information right from the start. It’s designed to help you discover and master your product information processes, create compelling product experiences, and make your team happier and more efficient in the process.

eCommerce Migration Made Easy with PIM

Scaling eCommerce: Why PIM is Essential

PIM itself may not sound sexy, but it’s a critical foundation for virtually every strategic initiative in eCommerce and product marketing today. PIM allows you to increase marketing productivity, expand to new markets more efficiently, and sell products on new and emerging channels with ease. This leads to climbing sales conversion rates, faster time-to-market, fewer returns, and more.

Scaling eCommerce

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