Get Ready to Unlock Growth With Unlock 2021!

Here at Akeneo PIM, February and March are typically months filled with excitement and anticipation, as we prepare for the Akeneo PIM Summit, or APS, our annual gathering of the Akeneo PIM and PXM communities. This year, however, has been a little different. 

In years past, our annual gathering was typically held in-person in Paris, France, and welcomed hundreds of PIM and PXM devotees from around the globe. But obviously, due to health and safety concerns, we were forced to call-off our in-person festivities. 

That doesn’t mean we won’t be getting together to celebrate all things PIM and PXM, however! The show must go on, and so we are thrilled to announce a new virtual event: Unlock 2021!

So, what is Unlock 2021? It’s our digital reimagining of APS! The event will feature a mix of forward-looking keynote presentations, best practices, technical workshops, customer testimonials — and of course, product announcements, and a look at our product roadmap. More importantly, it will remain an inclusive experience where every part of our community plays a role, sharing challenges, lessons, achievements, and breakthroughs.

This year’s event is all about unlocking growth in the new year by expanding to new geographic markets, conquering new sales channels, and growing your product assortment. We want to help as many people as possible embrace the potential of PIM, build their PXM practice, and unlock growth for their organizations, so this year’s event is designed to be as inclusive as possible! And, to meet the exploding demand for PIM and PXM, Unlock 2021 will be open to all

Unlock 2021 kicks off on April 6 and runs throughout the entire month of April, which means you can experience the event on your own schedule! Plus, attendance is free, and because the event is all online, you can attend from your sofa, office, or anywhere else you like. 
So register now, and get ready to join us at Unlock 2021 and discover how you can use PIM and PXM to unlock growth!

Unlock 2021

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