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Feb 09, 2024

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The Secret to Elevating Omnichannel Experiences

Discover the keys to true omnichannel success, and learn why seamless integration across all consumer touchpoints is crucial for attracting and retaining loyal customers. Explore innovative strategies for social commerce, customer support, print media, brick-and-mortar integration, and more, and discover the secret to creating a foundation of omnichannel bliss.


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In recent years, “omnichannel” has become more of a buzzword than a true strategy.

“Omni” is a Latin prefix that means “all” or “every.” Yet nowadays, organizations tend to use the word “omnichannel” to refer to their D2C site and an in-person presence. Maybe a listing on Amazon if they’re more technologically advanced.

However, true omnichannel experiences extend far beyond mere presence across online and offline channels. It’s about creating seamless, integrated journeys for customers across every touchpoint, ensuring that they have the information they need to browse and buy at any point along their shopping experiences. 

Omnichannel experiences are a critical ingredient for attracting and retaining customers. With 71% of consumers claiming that they find additional product information when they look in multiple places, this is becoming less of a recommendation and more of a requirement for success.

Outside of traditional eCommerce, a true omnichannel strategy needs to account for:

  1. Social Commerce: With the rise of social media platforms, consumers increasingly turn to these channels not just for socializing but also for discovering and purchasing products. Brands that effectively leverage social commerce can tap into vast audiences and drive sales through targeted advertising, influencer collaborations, and shoppable posts.
  2. Customer Support: Exceptional customer support is integral to fostering loyalty and trust. Beyond resolving issues, it presents an opportunity to enhance the overall brand experience and promote cross-selling or upselling related products. Whether through live chat, email, or phone support, customer support is an often undervalued avenue to connecting with consumers and increasing revenue.
  3. Print: While digital channels dominate discussions, traditional print media still holds relevance in the omnichannel landscape. From catalogs and brochures to magazine ads, print materials offer a tangible connection with consumers and can complement online efforts by driving traffic to digital platforms.
  4. Brick-and-Mortar: Physical retail stores remain a cornerstone of the shopping experience, providing opportunities for hands-on interaction with products and personalized assistance from knowledgeable staff. Integrating brick-and-mortar locations into the omnichannel strategy enables seamless transitions between online browsing and in-store purchases, creating a cohesive customer journey.
  5. Innovative Channels: As technology continues to evolve, new channels emerge, offering unique opportunities for engagement. Voice search, augmented reality, and the metaverse represent cutting-edge avenues through which brands can connect with consumers in innovative ways. Staying abreast of these developments and adapting strategies accordingly is key to staying ahead in the omnichannel game.

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The Secret to Omnichannel Success

So the question becomes, if we know what a true omnichannel presence looks like, why aren’t more organizations executing true omnichannel strategies?

The hard truth is that most of these organizations don’t have the foundation of reliable product information to support all of these diverse channels and touchpoints. Replicating data for each channel manually is a cumbersome and error-prone process that leads to inconsistencies and inefficiencies, and makes activating products on an array of existing channels, plus those to come, nearly impossible.

By centralizing product data management, businesses can ensure that information is accurate, reliable, and up-to-date across all channels. This foundational approach streamlines operations, minimizes errors, and facilitates seamless integration with existing and future channels. 

Whether it’s updating inventory levels, pricing, or product descriptions, changes made in the centralized repository are reflected instantaneously across all touchpoints.

To truly harness the power of omnichannel, businesses must expand their perspective beyond eCommerce and embrace a holistic approach to customer engagement. 

Investing in a robust Product Information Management (PIM) solution lays the groundwork for success, empowering businesses to deliver consistent, personalized, and seamless experiences across all touchpoints. In doing so, they not only attract and retain customers but also drive sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive marketplace in true omnichannel spirit.

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