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Jul 28, 2023

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Meet ETIM Standards with Calago x Akeneo

Discover the capabilities of the newly released Calago x Akeneo ETIM app, which empowers businesses to effortlessly manage their catalogs and ensures seamless interoperability within the industry.



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Recently, we introduced the latest collaboration between Akeneo and Calago: the ETIM app, which serves as a seamless connector between the ETIM API and Akeneo, revolutionizing the way catalog structures are created. 

By integrating the power of ETIM with the efficiency of Akeneo, this app simplifies the process of adhering to ETIM standards and streamlines catalog management for businesses worldwide.


What is ETIM?

ETIM, short for “European Technical Information Model,” has emerged as a critical global technical standard. ETIM provides a standardized classification and structure for technical product data across various industries, ensuring consistency, interoperability, and streamlined information exchange. 

As a result, ETIM has become a fundamental framework for industries such as construction and electrical, enabling efficient data management, effective communication, and enhanced collaboration throughout the supply chain.


Akeneo x Calago

Before the development of the Calago ETIM app, integrating the technical characteristics of the ETIM standard into Akeneo required manual effort and time-consuming processes. While the software previously created attributes and families, it did not automatically populate the product data itself. 

This meant that customers had to invest significant resources in manually creating attributes, particularly for businesses dealing with a wide range of product types requiring numerous classes and features. The whole process of creating ETIM structures in Akeneo could take hours or even an entire day depending on the complexity of the product catalog.

The newly introduced Calago ETIM app directly addresses the challenges faced by businesses in integrating ETIM standards into their Akeneo catalogs. The app offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process to just a couple of clicks, enabling users to create a complete catalog structure in Akeneo within just a few minutes. 

Moreover, the app provides the option to schedule automatic updates, ensuring that the latest classes from the ETIM API are fetched and integrated into the catalog automatically. This automation eliminates the need for manual updates and allows businesses to “set and forget” their ETIM catalog structure, especially for companies whose product classes experience minimal changes over time.


The Future of the ETIM App

Looking ahead, the Calago ETIM app aims to enhance its functionality to meet the evolving needs of businesses. One of the planned improvements includes the addition of reporting features, which will notify users of any removed attributes or features within the ETIM standard. This reporting will enable users to efficiently manage attribute removals from Akeneo, ensuring compliance with the latest ETIM standards. Furthermore, the app will introduce an export functionality, allowing users to export data from Akeneo back out according to the ETIM standards.

Additionally, the app’s roadmap includes catering to businesses that already have an existing structure in Akeneo and wish to align it with the ETIM structure. This enhancement will provide flexibility for customers to maintain their own structure while still adhering to ETIM standards, offering a harmonious integration of their catalog management practices.

The Calago ETIM app represents a significant step forward in simplifying the creation and maintenance of catalog structures within Akeneo, adhering to the global ETIM standard. By automating the process, reducing manual efforts, and providing a user-friendly interface, the app empowers businesses to effortlessly manage their catalogs and ensures seamless interoperability within the industry. With future updates and improvements, the ETIM app will continue to serve as an essential tool for businesses seeking to streamline their catalog management processes and enhance their compliance with industry standards.

Are you interested in learning more about how Calago and Akeneo can help your organization comply with ETIM standards? Reach out to an Akeneo expert today.

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