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Product Experience Strategy

Apr 06, 2023

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Introducing the PX Strategy Assessment

Take the brand new Product Experience (PX) Strategy Assessment to receive detailed steps on how to create omnichannel product experiences, with advice tailored to your business.


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Are you an Akeneo user looking to get more from your product experiences? Introducing the Product Experience (PX) Strategy assessment, the first step in your journey towards becoming a PX champion. 

This assessment will review how your organization manages the People, Processes, and Technology around Akeneo to effectively deliver product experiences to your customers. The assessment will allow you to compare yourself to industry benchmarks, and includes tailored insights, recommendations, and resources to drive improvements. This is the perfect tool to build your long-term PX roadmap and maximize the use of your Akeneo solution.


How It Works

Take the Assessment

Start here by taking the PX Strategy Assessment, where you will answer questions about the Vision, People, Processes, and Technology surrounding how your organization manages product experiences. The assessment takes an average of 5-6 minutes and should be taken by the “Owner” of your Akeneo solution. This “Owner” should have insight into your organization’s use of the platform and a deep understanding of your organization’s long-term objectives around delivering product experiences.

 Akeneo PX Strategy Assessment

Review the Results and Compare Yourself

After taking the exam, you’ll receive an overall score from 1 to 100 and individual scores across each dimension (Vision and Process, People, and Technology). These scores will allow you to compare your own PX Strategy to other Akeneo customers to understand where you are. 

Akeneo PX Strategy Assessment

Read the Report 

Each assessment will generate a custom report based on your response with tailored recommendations on how to improve your solution. The report is 10 pages long and includes links to helpful assets like blogs, reports, and learning platforms, and also helps you understand how specific Akeneo functionality can be better leveraged.

 Akeneo PX Strategy Assessment

How to Use the Report

Once you’ve taken the assessment, review the results and identify which gaps or problem areas you want to target for improvement. Consider and balance the effort required to improve against the benefit of the improvement. Some recommendations can be executed in a matter of minutes, while others may be more complex and require a longer time-frame to execute. 

The ideal outcome is to build a PX Strategy Roadmap where you identify short-term, mid-term, and long-term objectives.

We highly recommend you review the results and consult with your Akeneo Customer Success Manager when building this roadmap. Finally, come back to take the assessment again in the future to measure your progress and continue to align your solution to PXM best practices. 

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