Ziggy’s Customer Campfire Series: Discover How Midland Scientific cut costs by 80% with PIM

It’s summer, and you know what that means. Adventurers around the world are packing up their tent and firewood for some camping and fireside stories, whether it’s in the wilderness or their own backyard.

That includes everyone’s favorite three-headed hydra, Ziggy! She’s gathering the Akeneo PIM community around the campfire to share stories of scary product information problems and heroic PIM solutions, featuring the Akeneo customers that lived to tell the tale, as part of the new Customer Campfire Series!

In our first campfire fable, we travel to Omaha, Nebraska, to hear the story of Midland Scientific. The company has staked out a reputation in the scientific community, growing to become a leading distributor and seller of scientific and laboratory equipment. With over 400,000 products for sale, Midland needed a fast and cost-effective way to manage the diverse and complex product information demands of its growing catalog. 

Watch the video to hear Rodrigo Neves, Technology Officer at Midland Scientific, as he explains how Akeneo PIM helps Midland Scientific manage a diverse and highly technical catalog, increase productivity, and provide a compelling product experience — all while cutting enrichment costs from $5/SKU to $1/SKU.

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