New Webinar: Be Safe and Stay the Course — How We Executed a Virtual PIM Platform Kickoff

Each product information management (PIM) software implementation is like a snowflake — no two are exactly alike. But they usually do share one common element — an in-person kick-off.

But when unavoidable circumstances rear their ugly head and keep Akeneo’s PIM experts from visiting our clients in person, all that needs to change. But as the saying goes, the show must go on — and so must the PIM implementation!

Check out this recent webinar featuring Akeneo’s Brad Johnson, the Granite Group’s Matt Spangler, and C2’s Jonathan Currie. The group discusses how to conduct high-quality PIM implementations in a remote environment, and the results of the project.

Watch now to discover: 

  • How Akeneo, C2 Consulting, and the Granite Group retooled for a virtual event
  • Technologies used to overcome remote implementation challenges
  • Tips for staying engaged in a virtual setting

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