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Sep 13, 2023 3 min to read

From Technical Service & Development Manager to Digital Product Experience Manager

As the first PX Manager at Arkema, Liza Marasinghe understands the value a strong product experience can provide to customers. Discover her journey towards becoming a PX expert, and discover how a successful PIM implementation helped Liza take the next step in her career.


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In every career journey, there are individuals who exhibit exceptional drive, adaptability, and a passion for growth. Today, we have the pleasure of highlighting one such extraordinary professional: Liza Marasinghe, who has experienced a significant evolution in her career at Arkema. Through her unwavering dedication, continuous learning, and willingness to embrace new challenges, Liza exemplifies the true spirit of an Arkema rising star.


Starting Point and Title Change

Liza began her journey at Arkema six years ago as a Technical Service & Development Manager. With a Ph.D. in material science, Liza possessed a scientific background that contributed to her initial role. She was responsible for managing a small team in the lab, engaging with clients, resolving product-related issues, and specializing in UV rays and curing processes.

However, Liza’s career path took an exciting turn when she was offered a new role as a Digital Product Experience (PX) Manager by her supervisor, Isabelle. Recognizing the importance of digital tools in driving business success, Liza embraced the challenge and embarked on a groundbreaking journey as the first PX Manager at Arkema.


The Role of a Digital Product Experience Manager

Liza’s role as a PX Manager at Arkema is pivotal in transforming the company’s approach to product management. Previously Arkema did have a role dedicated to PIM (Product Information Management) data management, and that person played a crucial role in building the foundation of the PIM system. However, as the organization evolved, the need for a PX Manager became apparent. It is now Liza’s focus on enhancing the overall digital product experience, transcending the boundaries of traditional PIM management.

Liza’s expertise lies in leveraging Akeneo to achieve more than just managing product information, emphasizing the importance of collaboration, gathering diverse perspectives, and unlocking infinite possibilities. Supported by a dedicated digital IT team and a robust print solution, Liza and her teams’ efforts extend to automating processes, such as Technical Datasheet (TDS) creation, which has resulted in significant time and cost savings for Arkema.


Professional Growth and Impact

Liza’s growth in her current role has been gradual yet transformational. She has embraced daily practice, gradually building her confidence and expanding her skill set. Her journey has been influenced by mentors and supervisors who have provided inspiration, guidance, and the necessary knowledge to excel in her position.

Arkema, as an organization, has experienced significant changes and digital advancements. Liza’s adaptability and eagerness to learn have allowed them to navigate these shifts successfully. They have honed their skills in agile management, learned to utilize various tools and technologies, and continuously seek opportunities for professional growth. Through platforms like Akeneo Akademy, Help Center, and the Arkema learning training center, Liza has acquired essential knowledge and expertise to excel in her role.


Advice for Success and Looking Ahead

Reflecting on her journey, Liza offers advice to individuals aspiring to succeed in a similar role. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining strong relationships with project leaders and effectively communicating with responsive individuals within the organization. Liza also encourages understanding one’s strengths, feeling motivated, being part of a team, and continuously improving daily work practices.

As Liza continues her career at Arkema, she envisions a future where she contributes to even more business units, supports her colleagues, and leverages her technical expertise. The support from Akeneo, particularly from Ronan Guilloux

Systems Integrator and their Customer Success Managers (CSM), Alice Bouvier & Lauranne Gestin-Hamonic, has been instrumental in facilitating successful change assessments, project follow-ups, and implementing solutions aligned with business objectives.



Liza’s journey from a Technical Service & Development Manager to a Digital Product Experience Manager at Arkema showcases the power of adaptability, continuous learning, and embracing new challenges. Her evolution exemplifies the career growth potential within organizations that prioritize digital transformation and innovation.

We celebrate Liza’s achievements, applaud her dedication, and look forward to witnessing her continued success as she shapes the future of digital product experiences at Arkema. Her journey serves as an inspiration to professionals seeking to excel in their roles and make a significant impact within their organizations.

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Samira McDonald, Senior Manager, Community Program


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