NEW VIDEO: Discover how MelchioniReady used PIM to fuel rapid growth

Online industrial electronics and automation sellers MelchioniReady had a problem. While the company had managed to stake out a reputation as a leader in its industry, it was struggling to scale their business fast or efficiently enough. 

The company suffered from inefficient product data enrichment processes that slowed time to market and hindered their catalog and market expansion plans. But soon after implementing Akeneo PIM, MelchioniReady had solved its product information problems with the aid of open-source integrations, an easy-to-understand user interface, and features designed to make it easier to expand to new channels and locales. So how did Akeneo PIM help this eCommerce get ready to scale their business with ease?

Check out the video below, as Fabrizio Miccoli, Data Governance Manager at MelchioniReady and Marco Giorgetti, Account Manager at MageSpecialist, explain why they were looking for a Product Information boost and how Akeneo PIM helped them to fuel rapid growth, expand across borders and channels, reinforce their partnership, and pave the way to success with Akeneo’s integration. They also share their tips and tricks for a great PIM implementation.

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