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Jul 02, 2024 4 min to read

Announcing Akeneo’s New App Store Partner Program

Akeneo has launched a new partner program for our developer ecosystem that includes Independent Software Vendor partners, System Integrators, and independent developers that contribute to Akeneo’s App Store. Below, we've outlined the top things we’re most excited about with this new program.


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I am thrilled to announce the launch of Akeneo’s new App Store Partner Program!

Since day one, Akeneo has been bullish on partnerships. But this launch is a special moment for our ecosystem and customers as it marks the next phase of Akeneo’s very intentional investment in partnerships, to both accelerate our noteworthy success with existing technology partners (many of whom are in the MACH Alliance) and to welcome new partners, including system integrators and developers, providing new innovative solutions to our customers via Akeneo’s App Store.

Akeneo’s App Store isn't just any hub for integrations - it's the most connected and extensible Product Experience Management (PXM) marketplace with 200+ integrations, allowing our joint customers to activate product information in marketing, sales, and customer support channels, onboard new data sets, enrich product experiences with AI, and generally customize the Akeneo Product Cloud to meet their unique business needs.

With the new App Store Partner Program, I am especially excited to:

1 - Speed and scale the development of apps for the Akeneo App Store with investment in new technology, like GraphQL and a design system to guide app UI development, plus new technical resources, like on-demand enablement videos and a Helpdesk for support questions related to app development.

2 - Accelerate joint customer success with focus on providing new enablement opportunities for partners with our field team and directly with customers in order to drive app adoption and value (yes, even better than the 10x increase in app adoption we saw in 2023!).

3 - Identify and influence new business opportunities by doubling down on some of our tried and true partnership tactics, plus providing new enablement and co-marketing opportunities to build awareness and demand for our partners and their apps -- not to mention, a referral model for higher tier partners!

4 - Expand our partner ecosystem with new partners that solve for new use cases and industry-specific needs for our customers, both by integrating with more of our customers’ existing tech stacks and also by helping them discover new technology to uplevel their Product Experience.

5 - Support dedicated program management with a new operational infrastructure, including better internal tracking of our partner success metrics and stronger feedback loop with our partners.

This new program is designed so that, as we are more successful together with partners driving joint customer success, pipeline impact, and innovation, our partners will graduate through our new partner tiers and unlock more benefits.

Meredith Kivett, Director, Technology Partnerships


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