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Apr 01, 2022

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And the Global Award goes to…

Discover the success story of Jaguar Land Rover, winner of the Unlock Global Award 22.


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Since last year, the Akeneo team has wanted to reward the organisations among its Community that have been able to move forward on their path toward being PXM Champions. But no two companies have the same exact needs and business growth goals. This is why we have our annual Akeneo Unlock PXM Champions Awards, recognizing true PXM Champions across 5 categories, each of them covering the main ways to Unlock growth thanks to well managed Product Experiences (Expansion, Accelerator, Global, Leadership, Experience Awards).

The Global Award category aims at rewarding organisations that are expanding their business outside their HQ country to succeed in new territories, collaborating with local teams, addressing new audiences and challenges, and realizing measurable results through the use of Akeneo PXM Studio.

This year, for this category, we received great submissions and had 4 short-listed Akeneo customers: 

  • Jaguar Land Rover (UK), along with their partner iWeb
  • Pilot Pen (FR)
  • Liqui Moly (DE), along with their partner Flagbit
  • Xandres (BE), along with their partner Induxx

Congratulations to all the finalists! But only one can win… 

On the road with Jaguar Land Rover this year! Together, with their talented & passionate people in the UK and across the globe,they have all the ingredients at their disposal to reimagine the business and the experiences their customers seek. They will define what modern luxury means in the world of tomorrow, driven by sustainability.

The two British brands have always been at the avant-garde of technology and design in luxury vehicles and products, and they intended to reduce time to market for new verticals, new catalogs, new websites and geographical markets (locales and territories) supporting a worldwide footprint. They indeed operate in 195 countries, 28 languages, have 32 localized websites, and 2 international warehouses. They’re employing over 39,000 people worldwide.



Prior to leveraging Akeneo PXM Studio, the brands suffered from technical debt of internal systems and had no centralised catalogue across internal Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) product departments i.e. Classic Parts, Lifestyle Products, Accessories, and Connected Car. Internal JLR product departments acted as silos. As a consequence, they had a slow time to market and it was complicated to scale as fast as they wished and to offer a better product experience. 

Product Experiences are key to Jaguar Land Rover. They help us sell to a global audience more effectively. Akeneo allows us to manage product information in an efficient and meaningful way across all our global sales channels, providing a seamless customer experience. We are looking forward to using Akeneo more extensively in the future.

When you are a global leader, adaptation to markets is a must-have. And it starts with a great translation that is meaningful for local consumers. At that time, translations couldn’t be done in parallel, and only a single market could be translated at a time. 

Working with business partners was also becoming more and more difficult as the brand had no common way (or format) to export product data to pass to 3rd party systems. 


On the road to a new way of working


To unlock and enhance new geographic markets, time to market for new verticals, new catalogs, and feed 32 different localized Adobe Commerce websites, Jaguar Land Rover had to adopt a more unified approach to eCommerce within the organization. 

After migrating more than 1M SKUs into a new single source of truth, Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition has also been integral in designing a new way of working for the different teams involved in the product enrichment life cycle:

New merchandising and buying team members have been onboarded, making it smoother thanks to the user-friendly interface, the dedicated team views, and the permissions for each local team. 

Then the internal product development enrichment teams, the marketing teams, the e-commerce merchandising and sales teams have been trained and have quickly learned.

They can now better manage product variants within a large range of models, and they appreciate the flexibility of it too. 

The digital asset and print teams benefit from the Asset Manager to create and manage a single source of truth for all product experiences globally. 

All departments now have unified access to all their data across all their internal projects for the future.

And the investments are rewarding. As of today, Jaguar had a 174% increase in Holiday sales for an overall 93% increase in conversion rate in 2021. 

Land Rover had a significant 218% increase in Holiday sales and increased its conversion rate to 86%, for an overall 235% increase in transactions in 2021.


We can definitely say that they champion the Global category!

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