Akeneo2Shopware: the first connector between Akeneo and Shopware!

So far, there were only two possibilities for Shopware shop operators to use Akeneo as the central repository for their online shop product information. They either had to maintain product data in a time consuming way and deal with several exports and imports toward the e-commerce platform, or develop an expensive individual interface. Today, there is a third alternative: akeneo2shopware.


For our German solution partner Basecom, also partner of Shopware, the development of an interface was of course obvious. Thus, they have developed during the last weeks an extension, Akeneo2shopware, which quickly and comfortably enables an easy application of Akeneo and Shopware.


Following the installation of the connector, product information can be transferred easily into the database of the Shopware shop after a few steps.
An API key has to be generated and the transmitted category tree has to be chosen after the completed category export. If the existing Shopware website already contains individual attributes, these will have to be transmitted initially into Akeneo by an import job after the installation of a free Shopware extension.
As soon as all jobs are created and configured, the connector simply transmits all the products information including images, categories, and product families.

If you want to have a quick overview of the extension, you can take a look at the video below:

You can find the Shopware connector on our marketplace by clicking here!

Also, if you have any question regarding the connector, training or support, you can contact Basecom it-consultant, Steffen Krueger at Krueger@basecom.de.

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