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Mar 05, 2024

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Showcase Your Products Better, Faster, & Anywhere: Akeneo Spring Release

From automating supplier data onboarding with AI in the Akeneo Supplier Data Manager to enhancing content generation and translation across 50 languages to the highly anticipated Akeneo PIM App for Salesforce and expansion of Activation for Retail, the latest features unveiled as part of Akeneo's Spring Release promise to elevate your product experience.


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If you have been in or around Boston these past few days, you may have noticed a brilliant purple flame spreading through the city.

And did it seem to be burning a bit brighter earlier this morning?

That might be because the Akeneo team released the details included in our Spring Release just a few hours ago live at Unlock, the premiere Product Experience (PX) conference happening right in the heart of – you guessed it – Boston.

Our Spring Release is packed with exciting, innovative features designed to enable your company to showcase your products better, faster and across all platforms. 

While we can’t cover every new addition in detail here, we’re excited to share some of the highlights and how these advancements can elevate your product experience (PX).


Showcase your Products Better

Automate supplier data onboarding in Akeneo Supplier Data Manager

Now equipped with native AI capabilities, Supplier Data Manager automates the mapping, normalization, categorization, and enrichment of supplier data, enabling your team to maintain smoother supplier relations and transform the data onboarding process.

In particular, this updated version of Supplier Data Manager can support:

  • Automated efficiency: Eliminate manual tasks, reduce errors and discrepancies, and ensure consistency across all your experience offerings.
  • Faster time-to-market: Speed the process of getting products in front of customers, and in new markets or channels.
  • Increased data quality: Improve the accuracy and completeness of your product data for better product experiences and build trust with your customers.


Showcase Your Products Faster

Generate and translate product content across 50 languages in minutes

Supplier Data Manager wasn’t the only Akeneo solution that received the AI treatment – Akeneo PIM is now equipped with native AI capabilities!

Customers will now be able to leverage customizable generative AI to create bulk product descriptions and romance copy across the entire product catalog in minutes, and translate those descriptions into more than 50 languages. 

Not only does this feature enhance productivity, accuracy, and scalability in content creation and translation, but it also enables businesses to quickly adapt content to meet regional market expectations without the need for additional tools or expertise.

Business Analytics in Akeneo PIM

Business Analytics within Akeneo PIM offer operational market metrics and KPIs that track how products or product ranges perform on different markets and sales channels. 

Included in the Spring Release is a whole slew of updates to our business analytics functionality that will ultimately provide your organization with the foundation to build a PX Strategy based on content impact.

These enhanced business analytics enable:

  • Increased visibility into the product content impact on business
  • Teams to work smarter by providing the right data to make informed decisions
  • Faster, more nibble reactions to market trends
  • Data-driven support for prioritizing a PX Strategy within your organization

As we unveil our Spring 2024 release, we're celebrating the fruits of Akeneo's strategic evolution. Our journey since the 2022 fundraising has been one of bold steps and breakthroughs, leveling Akeneo up the competitive rungs of product experience management solutions. This year we’re thrilled to celebrate recent success and propel ourselves to new levels of growth.

Showcase Your Products Anywhere

New Channels Added to Akeneo Activation

Last year, during Unlock 2023, we announced a new solution as part of the Akeneo Product Cloud: Activation for Retail, which brought our best-in-class product experience technology to product listing pages on retailers like Amazon, Macy’s, Zappos, Nordstrom, and more.

This year, we’re back at it again, welcoming Wayfair and Grainger (among others) to our 250+ activation channels. Brands and manufacturers will now have the ability to deliver consistent product experiences on these new channels while easily customizing product information to align with shopper expectations and channel requirements

Customizable Akeneo PIM App for Salesforce

One of the most highly-anticipated parts of this release – a shiny new Akeneo PIM App for Salesforce Appexchange! 

This customizable app brings high-quality product information and assets into Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud, driving greater efficiency, higher sales volumes, and better customer service by giving customer-facing teams instant access to product information that drives more meaningful engagement with the people who are buying and using their products and powering digital commerce. 

Deployed together, the Akeneo PIM connects people to products in the Salesforce system where they work, every day. Resulting in:

  • Higher sales on B2B and D2C Commerce sites with accurate, up-to-date, and localized product information.
  • Sales reps that sell more products, more efficiently, by accessing product descriptions and assets while building quotes and working in Salesforce CRM.
  • Customer service reps that deliver better support by leveraging accurate, complete, and up-to-date product information when resolving cases in Salesforce Service Cloud.

The Akeneo PIM App for Salesforce is a welcome addition to AppExchange, as it accelerates business transformation for customers by enabling greater functionality of thanks to complete and compelling product information. AppExchange is constantly evolving to connect customers with the right apps and experts for their business needs.

Showcase Your Products Better, Faster, & Anywhere with Spring Release

All of the exciting features included in Akeneo’s Spring Release are a testament to our commitment to bringing innovation and excellence to product experiences. By automating data onboarding, enhancing content generation with AI, and integrating seamlessly with sales and service platforms like Salesforce, we’re setting a new standard for product information management and product experiences. 

These features not only streamline internal processes but also ensure that businesses can showcase their products better, faster, and anywhere, ultimately leading to a better customer experience.

We’ve had a wonderful time celebrating and spreading that purple fire with our PX community of customers, partners, and PX experts at Unlock Boston, and we look forward to seeing what we can create and build together in the future!

Couldn’t make it to Unlock Boston? The premiere PX event may be coming to a city near you! Register for Unlock on Tour now, making stops at Cologne, London, and Paris.

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