Why retailers need a PIM

Akeneo was made to deal with large volumes of product information – think hundreds of thousands of SKUs, each with hundreds of attributes including images.

Akeneo helps you organize your product information, develop the right catalogs for your omnichannel strategy, and deliver compelling product experiences to support great customer experiences.

  • Centralize all your product information

    Centralize all your product information

    We know you have product data coming from dozens of heterogeneous sources. You need a single source of truth for all your teams, for all your products, and for all your channels.  With Akeneo as “product information central” you can control and manage the data and the process, making your teams more productive and efficient.

  • Distribute product data across all your channels

    Distribute product data across all your channels

    Spread your enriched and complete product information to all your channels in the blink of an eye. Our connectors can hook into virtually every platform – eCommerce, web, mobile, POS, and print — so you can efficiently keep your product information consistent across channels.

  • Onboard your suppliers

    Onboard your suppliers

    Retailers often work with hundreds of suppliers, every one of them providing differently formatted documents, spreadsheets and images. That’s a nightmare to manage. With Akeneo PIM, you can offer a cloud-based supplier onboarder so suppliers provide you just the data you need… at the right time… and in the right format!

  • Multi-language made easy

    Multi-language made easy

    In Akeneo PIM, you can manage up to 210 different locales – a combination of languages and regions. Akeneo PIM makes it easy to manage the process of translations and localization to support your global sales strategies.

  • Speed your time-to-market

    Speed your time-to-market

    Got seasonal products? Keep up with changing consumer tastes and trends. Akeneo PIM speeds the product information management and new product introduction process so you can get your products to market faster — across all channels and regions.