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May 01, 2021

Entering New Markets is Challenging: Lessons Learned from Zadig & Voltaire

Learn how this French luxury brand tackled omnichannel selling in this compelling testimonial.





Omnichannel Commerce

Optimized Catalog Management

Product Experience Management


Zadig & Voltaire CEO Thierry Gillier’s vision has driven the company to become one of the leading French modern luxury brands. Fabien Delivre, Global CIO at Zadig & Voltaire and one of the leading experts in product information management at the company, joins us in this video to share what this leading fashion brand learned in achieving its full potential to meet its worldwide growth objectives. You’ll hear:

  • Why one system of record for product information is critical for successful omnichannel marketing
  • How PIM helped enhance efficiency, reduced manual operations, and sped time to market for fast-changing fashion products

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