Teamwork Assistant: your new favorite project management tool!

We had several feedbacks concerning the progress enrichment visibility: our end users didn’t know easily which products they had to enrich, what were the new products. They also had no way to prioritize their day to day work. They couldn’t know if they were on track or not.
That’s why we developed the Teamwork assistant, to help our users to know what products they have to enrich and follow their progress.

With the Teamwork Assistant, every end user can now follow his progress on the widget and see the number of products he has to work on for each project.
As the task generation and reminders are automatic, end users can focus on product enrichment and don’t lose time in configuration.
They will increase their productivity as they don’t have to check if each task is updated (a look at the widget will give them the info) and project are prioritized by due dates.

You want to see it in action? Take a look at the video below!

This new feature is a real productivity tool and will ease the life of many users. The Teamwork Assistant is THE feature to handle your projects and collaborate effectively. Users easily see what tasks need to be completed and can focus on enriching products instead of wasting time trying to figure out what they need to do.

If you have any question on this feature or you want to see a complete demo, feel free to contact us!

Ask for a demo!

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