A Decision on our AI assistant, Franklin

At Akeneo, we are obsessed with helping our customers unlock growth opportunities by creating amazing product experiences. Two of the challenges involved in that process is ensuring that you have the right amount and type of attributes to describe your products and ensuring that those attributes are correct.

Akeneo set out to help with those two dimensions by introducing an AI assistant, Franklin. This assistant helps fill in empty attributes with trusted normalized values, identify and correct erroneous attribute values, and suggest catalog improvements by proposing new attributes. We tested Franklin in the US market over three years and — after collecting feedback from our early adopters — determined that we need to do a deeper deconstruction of the components. We realized that we need to embed Franklin features deeper into existing data enrichment workflows to positively impact the quality of the data  With that in mind, we have decided to put the Franklin Insights feature on hold and re-introduce it at a later date in a different way in our application. We also want to ensure global coverage for our global customers. 

And you know what? We’re excited and proud to do it. We’ve learned a lot about how you, our customers, interact with AI in the context of PXM, and how and when you’re ready to use it. We are committed to innovating – and ensuring that innovation is truly actionable and makes a difference for our customers.

Stay tuned for more to come with Franklin in the future!

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