[Video] Goupil Experience #3 – Not-So-Hot Hotline

Welcome to episode 3 — we’re mid-way through our summer comedy video series, The Goupil Experience!

On the last episode of The Goupil Experience, Ake and Julia turned to the wisdom of the crowd, hoping that social media could help Ake find a replacement Goupil time travel controller to return to his own time period. Unfortunately, the social experiment didn’t go as hoped. Instead of finding a controller, the pair found only frustration — and a healthy dose of internet conspiracy —  as consulting both the official Goupil page and Julia’s 2019 friends failed to produce the product they searched for.

If you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself. They’ve got their hands on a Goupil catalog and are headed right to the source. They plan to call up the company directly so they can find a new controller for Ake and get him out of Julia’s hair. Check out our latest video to find out!

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