[VIDEO] Goupil Experience #2: Social Selling Struggles

Welcome to episode 2 of our summer comedy video series, The Goupil Experience!

Last time we left our friends Ake and Julia, Ake was desperately trying to find a replacement to his Goupil time travel controller so he can return to his home time period — but he’s having some difficulty. After initially hoping to find the object of his desire by communicating with a home shopping assistant, Ake discovered that Goupil’s product information was poorly referenced, leaving his voice assistant “Timmy” unable to locate the product he needed.

In this latest episode of The Goupil Experience, we rejoin Ake and Julia as they turn to social media after failing to find the Goupil controller via voice assistant. Will the pair have more success by turning to Twitter and Facebook, or will they be lost in a web of poor product information and internet conspiracy theories? Check out our latest video to find out!

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