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Jan 19, 2016

Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software: Streamline Data Enrichment with Akeneo

Every company wants to grow. In ecommerce that means going multi-channel and multi-location, but this is easier said than done.Silly Spreadsheets If ...


Translation & Localization

Every company wants to grow. In ecommerce that means going multi-channel and multi-location, but this is easier said than done.

Silly Spreadsheets

If you are like many ecommerce companies, you are probably managing your product information in spreadsheets. And, as you know from personal experience, this is a pain in the butt.

Spreadsheets were just not designed to handle this kind of work. Every new product added is another time-consuming data entry project. And it’s not just data entry that has to be done once, its data entry across a whole series of spreadsheets over and over. Plus, every time you want to add another platform, channel, or location it can get even more complicated. If you’re relying on spreadsheets to manage all this product information, going multi-channel could drive your team into the ground, but there is something that can help.

Multi-channel ecommerce software can make it easier for your company to enter new markets by removing the constraints associated with maintaining spreadsheets.

Akeneo: Flexible Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software

Akeneo is extremely flexible multi-channel ecommerce software. While most multi-channel ecommerce software is highly limited and designed solely to help push existing product information across multiple channels, Akeneo offers additional levels of flexibility. Akeneo helps you take control of multiple channel challenges by:

1. Automatically importing updated product data from a disparate set of sources like ERPs, spreadsheets, and .csv files.

2. Providing a centralized workflow for your teams to quickly and efficiently organize, enrich, and translate product information.

3. Ensuring quality controls by automatically monitoring completeness of product descriptions, localizations, and multi-media uploads.

4. Exporting your data to whatever ecommerce platforms you desire.

multi-channel ecommerce software

Multi-Channel Made Easy

Akeneo’s multi-channel software allows you can change only what needs to change between channels, like altering the picture formats for digital and print. You can export everything in one easy step while ensuring all the rest of your information remains the same. You can be sure that all the time you took writing enticing descriptions won’t be lost and product specs won’t be mangled.

You can even generate print catalogs with the push of a button using Akeneo’s InDesign plug-in.

Customized for Your Platform

Every ecommerce platform has different formatting requirements. Between your company website, your partner websites, and Amazon, Alibaba, and other online marketplaces, you might have to deal with quite a few different platforms. Akeneo allows you to change only the information that needs to change and automatically export the right formats for each platform, making it much easier to handle all of your product information.

Akeneo offers off-the-shelf integrations for the major ecommerce platforms including Magento, Mirakl, Shopware, PrestaShop, and many more. Plus, our open-source model and thriving ecosystem of partners and integrators means that you can easily support custom systems. Akeneo’s open architecture provides much more flexibility in building out new and custom platforms compared to proprietary software that really only address three or four specific platforms.

Akeneo offers many off-the-shelf integrations for major ecommerce platforms.

Localization made scalable

A global multi-channel strategy includes multiple channels in multiple countries. Akeneo streamlines the process of localization with powerful workflows for distributed localization teams, off the shelf connectors to translation services like TextMaster or, and easy to customize quality measurements for localized content. With Akeneo, the effective cost of creating and maintaining multi-channel localizations drops by over 50%! This radically improves the economics of creating localizations for markets large and small.

Ready to take the plunge and see if multi-channel ecommerce software is right for you? Get a demo and stop the spreadsheet madness once and for all or read our white papers Kill your spreadsheets before your spreadsheets kill youFrom Overwhelming to Organized: Scaling Global Product Management

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