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Nov 02, 2021

Like the leaves in autumn, a new Akeneo release drops

Today we announced major new product features and benefits as part of our Autumn Product Release Cycle. So far, we’ve released over 70 product e...


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Today we announced major new product features and benefits as part of our Autumn Product Release Cycle. So far, we’ve released over 70 product enhancements in the Akeneo PXM Studio this year, which are all documented in our help center. The new Autumn release continues our commitment to continuous cloud-first and API-centric innovation and nurturing our well-connected product and partner ecosystem. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the Autumn release!


Enhancements in Akeneo PIM

There are a couple of notable new enhancements in the Autumn release we want to highlight.

In some cases, managing things like nutrition facts, ingredient labels, product dimensions, and product comparisons are a lot easier to do when the data is displayed in a tabular format. So, we’ve added a new Table Attribute which gives users a simple but compelling way to present complex product information in tables. Marketers can more easily visualize the information and select from pre-defined templates that use simple select, number, text, and boolean values.

Tailored Exports is a new feature that lets users easily customize product data export structure, content, and sources to better customize how the data is exported for different data sharing needs. With Tailored Exports, marketers will never need to manipulate their product data in spreadsheets again, making exporting data and sharing product information easier than ever.

The best user interface is one that doesn’t need to be explained. And as we learn more about how marketers are using the PIM and their work evolves, we want the user experience to evolve to drive further efficiency. Thanks to customer feedback, we’ve made numerous enhancements to the user interface so that working in Akeneo PIM is more consistent and user-friendly. Some of the notably improved screens include an updated proposal screen, easier category management, improved settings navigation, a more intuitive activity dashboard, and many others too numerous to list!

Attribute Settings menu before:

New Attribute Settings menu UI:

The new release also brings updates to Akeneo Shared Catalogs and Akeneo Onboarder, enhancing product data collaboration and synchronization between brands and their retailers, distributors, and suppliers. Users can access all attributes and metrics for shared products, with improved sorting, filtering, and advanced search capabilities, as well as support for additional languages to facilitate global collaboration.

A new connection to the Akeneo Ecosystem

We’re very proud of our partner ecosystem and are humbled by the fact that so many organizations want to support our mission to bring PIM for all. The Akeneo Marketplace is a testament to the vibrant ecosystem we have cultivated to date and will continue to expand. With the Autumn release, we’ve taken a giant leap forward in making the ecosystem more accessible to the PIM — the Akeneo Marketplace is now fully embedded in Akeneo PIM! This means customers can quickly discover and access additional functionality, and more easily research and implement compatible tools and third-party applications –– all without leaving the Akeneo PIM dashboard. The new Embedded Marketplace makes it easier than ever to tap into the latest and greatest innovations from Akeneo partners to unleash their PIM productivity without having to toggle between different interfaces.

New Connector for BigCommerce

Finally, we’re announcing a significant addition to our premium eCommerce integrations. A new Akeneo PIM Connector for BigCommerce allows joint customers to power their eCommerce sites with comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date product data. The new connector uses an API-to-API-based integration that allows for product data generated in Akeneo PIM to be exported to the BigCommerce store. And, as a SaaS connector, it’s easy to implement with no complex configuration, it’s regularly updated, doesn’t require access to any code, and provides for seamless delivery of new features without having to migrate or upgrade the connector.

We’re excited and pleased to bring these new features and products to market. And remember, you can now get easy access to find out what’s coming next by taking a look at our public roadmap!

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