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Apr 20, 2021

Unlocking Growth With Akeneo PIM Growth Edition




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That’s because attracting new buyers is all about providing compelling product experiences that are built on a foundation of accurate, consistent, and complete product information. But these smaller players typically don’t have the resources that large competitors have in their arsenals when it comes to enriching product information and using it to create the high-quality product experiences that convert shoppers into customers.

Enter Akeneo PIM Growth Edition. It’s designed to provide a proven, SaaS-based PIM that offers access to many of the same core capabilities from Akeneo’s fully-featured Enterprise Edition. It’s focused on helping smaller organizations improve that product information management process and start their PXM Journey.

So, what is Akeneo PIM Growth Edition, exactly? Let’s take a closer look.

Efficiently gather, organize, and standardize product data

Effectively managing product information starts with collecting and centralizing your data in one place. But this data exists in a wide variety of systems, including internal sources like your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, marketing database, other systems, and external sources such as suppliers, which can make data collection a challenge.

With Akeneo PIM Growth Edition, smaller organizations can easily and efficiently gather product information from virtually any source into a single place. This includes data sourced from your ERP, difficult-to-use Excel files, or any other source. It even offers tools such as connectors, APIs, and import features to collect data from various applications.

You can then use Akeneo PIM Growth Edition to standardize product information and organize your data according to the needs of your product catalog and business strategy. It also gives smaller teams the flexibility to design and adapt your catalog structure, including categories, families, channels, and locales. This makes it easier to categorize products, including supporting product variants (i.e., products that vary by color, size, etc.), and organize your product data for the requirements for different channels and languages.

growth edition

Enrich and contextualize product data with ease

Once your product data has been gathered into a single system of record, you’ll need to enrich your products — and put them in the proper context for the channel you’re selling on.

That’s why Akeneo PIM Growth Edition allows SMBs to easily and efficiently enrich their product information with all the vital information and digital assets. This can include such as technical data, usage data, emotional data, and even media files like images, PDFs, and videos — anything your customers need to feel confident making a purchase. That way, you can easily and efficiently deliver great product experiences across a wide range of channels.

Then, Akeneo PIM Growth Edition can help you put products into the proper context for both the locale and channel that you sell your products on. This ensures that your content is relevant and impactful to customers, creating compelling emotional bonds that motivate conversions.

growth edition

Send the right data to the right channels

After you have a complete catalog tailored for different markets and channels, this catalog will need to be distributed across your owned channel. So, once product data has been enriched and contextualized, we can also help you get that data where it needs to go.

Product marketers can use Akeneo PIM Growth Edition features like Export profiles to distribute only the necessary and route it to the desired channel and locale. You can even filter export data based on several products or select attributes, families, categories, and identifiers, then save the profiles for future use.

With Akeneo PIM Growth Edition you also have access to many of the same export capabilities and connectors that are in Enterprise Edition. This includes connectors for popular eCommerce Platforms and syndication tools from the Akeneo Marketplace. 

growth edition

Unlock growth with Growth Edition

For smaller organizations standing out and attracting customers in an increasingly crowded marketplace is often the biggest move that can be made to help fuel and unlock future growth. The best way to attract those customers is to provide compelling product experiences across a wide range of sales channels.

If you want to unlock growth for your small team, you need Akeneo PIM Growth Edition! It’s got exactly what smaller organizations need to expand their customer base and win over new buyers by providing top-notch product experiences built on a solid foundation of accurate, consistent product info.

Plus, because Akeneo PIM Growth Edition is available in the cloud as a hassle-free SaaS offering, teams of any shape and size can access their PIM instance virtually anytime, anywhere. And just like Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition, Growth Edition comes with the backing of our amazing Customer Success and technical support, meaning you’ll never have to travel the path of your PXM journey alone.

So if you want to give your small, but expanding, business the tools it needs to unlock growth in the omnichannel age, give them Akeneo PIM Growth Edition!

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