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Mar 23, 2022

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Akeneo PIM V6 is Here!

Akeneo PIM Community Edition and managed services version customers now have access to some of the latest and greatest Akeneo features.

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As an Akeneo customer, you’re getting access to a best-of-breed PIM and with this release, you’ll get even more functionality.

Akeneo PIM V6 released March 15, 2022 will not disappoint. With this version, discover expanded functionality, with key features like the new Table Attribute and Tailored Exports. You can now work more productively with mass asset deletion, and manage your users in bulk with import and export of users, user groups, and user roles. For those of you integrating Akeneo PIM with the rest of your tech stack, you can now connect your PIM and benefit from more functionality in the REST API. All users get an upgraded experience with new menus, smoother navigation, and other great improvements. Read more to learn about the most exciting updates!


Create Tables within your PIM

Being able to display multi-dimensional data has become table stakes for product experiences. From product and shipping dimensions to nutrition labels, size comparison charts, and more, your customers expect the product information that they need to make a purchasing decision, and often times that data is best displayed in a table. That’s where the newest Akeneo PIM attribute comes into play: Table Attribute.

Table attributes cookie example

Table Attributes allow you to create tables quickly by selecting one of the existing templates or building your own from scratch. Once your table is ready and populated, you’ll assign them to a product, and – voilà! – the most complex product data modelization can be used within Akeneo PIM!

Table Attribute Templates

*Only available in V6 for PaaS Edition.


Export the data you need, with the structure you need

With Akeneo PIM as your source of truth, the data that lives within it is your gold mine. However, your product data doesn’t just live in your PIM; it gets sent to your distributors and third-party vendors. When you’re sharing it with them, it’s important that it’s formatted clearly and correctly, and that it only includes the data that they need. How do you do that from Akeneo PIM? Enter Tailored Exports. 

Tailored Exports is a new type of export profile that allows Akeneo PIM users to create and define their export templates, save them for future use, and download spreadsheets that are customized, aka tailored, for each distributor’s or destination’s need. With powerful operations like concatenation, conversions, and default values, Tailored Exports keeps you from manipulating data and wasting time in spreadsheets, by giving you powerful and repeatable functionality within the PIM to help you save time and reach your business goals.

Tailored Exports structure

Tailored Exports goes beyond straight export of product information with powerful advanced operations, like:

  • Converting measurement units
  • Adding default values in an empty cell
  • Automatically cleaning up HTML tags
  • Replacing values
  • Concatenating attributes into a single column

Ever considered expanding into marketplaces a business goal, but not ready to make the full investment in an API integration? Or maybe that marketplace is so new that it doesn’t have robust integration capabilities yet. Look no further than Tailored Exports.

Make your life easier when exporting data by taking advantage of Tailored Exports and all of its powerful functionality in Akeneo PIM V6.

Tailored Export Operation Conversion

Tailored Export Replacement Operation

*Only available in V6 for PaaS Edition.


Work more productively with new screens and improved experiences

Welcome to your new and improved Akeneo user experience. The new System Menu is structured into two main categories, System Navigation and User Management Navigation. This page enables you to see all the sub-navigation items that host important information about your Akeneo PIM system, like the number of products in your PIM and the total number of Users.

Akeneo PIM System

Akeneo PIM V6 also brings you improved category creation and navigation. When creating a new category, you can now define its label for the current locale together with the code. This is a great time saver as you no longer need to click around to access the label field. And there is more! When you navigate through the categories when going back to your category trees, you will see a collapsed view that helps you know exactly what category you are working in.

Akeneo PIM Category Tree

Your attributes options navigation got an upgrade too! When working on long lists of options, you can now search using an option code or label and directly fill in your option labels. This should be quite handy when handling numerous options for your attributes. 

Akeneo PIM Options UI


How to get your hands on V6!

There’s much more to this V6 release for Akeneo PIM Community Edition and managed services versions.  The full list of Akeneo PIM V6 features can be found here. If you want to be always on the leading edge of the latest PIM features and improvements, and be relieved of maintenance and hosting pains, have a look at our Akeneo PIM SaaS Edition.

Learn More About Akeneo PIM SaaS Edition

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