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Mar 09, 2021

The latest version of Akeneo PIM is here! [Akeneo 5.0]

The world moves at the speed of light these days — maybe even faster. That includes Akeneo PIM. ...



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Akeneo PIM

The world moves at the speed of light these days — maybe even faster. That includes Akeneo PIM.

That’s right. Our team of product information innovators and product experience experts has been hard at work all year to deliver continuously better ways to manage product information and create compelling product experiences across a wide array of locales and sales channels. To improve our already best-in-class PIM and provide a solution that can help you put good data governance in place and that can help you make sure your product data is accurate, consistent, and complete. A solution that can make connectivity to other platforms seamless, and one that can make every member of your product enrichment team productive. And, to get it to our dedicated and growing user base as quickly as possible.

Over the past year, we’ve released more than 70 new features & improvements to our Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition Serenity customers, and they will keep on benefiting from continuous delivery of the Akeneo PIM latest features and improvements. Now, these enhancements and features are available to our Flexibility and Community Edition customers with the release of Akeneo PIM 5.0!

So what have the product experience experts here at Akeneo come up with and how can this new version help you and your team unlock your growth? Let’s dive in and take a closer look at some of the latest features and improvements included in our latest Akeneo PIM version.

More automation thanks to a revamped rules engine

You don’t want your team spending their time on redundant, repetitive manual tasks. That’s why we added a rules engine many years ago in Akeneo PIM.

Now, we are bringing automation to the next level with a revamped rules engine featuring the Rules Builder, a new screen in Akeneo PIM that will enable users to more easily create and manage business rules. This screen takes all actions from YML files (which will remain available) and empowers marketing teams to automatically categorize products, copy attribute values, set default values, and more, all without the help of an IT team. With this revamp, our product team also introduced new rule actions which allow them to automate new actions, including the creation of harmonized product titles and dynamic product descriptions, making enrichment even faster and easier for your team.

See our new Rules Builder in action!

Effortless and seamless connectivity 

Want improved connectivity? We’ve got you covered. Akeneo PIM 5.0’s API improvements will ease data synchronization and distribution with third-party applications.

To that end, we’ve introduced a brand new API, known as the “Events API” to accelerate the synchronization of data between Akeneo PIM and 3rd-party applications. This new API is complementary to our existing REST API, which is not left out, and also benefits from new and improved endpoints to help reduce the amount of data to process and the size of the API call responses. This new release also comes with enhancements on Connections that empower users to better track data sent and received and give them more autonomy to act on synchronization errors.

An enhanced Data Quality Insights dashboard 

With Akeneo PIM 5.0, your team can not only move more quickly but also easily monitor their product information quality and get actionable insights to see at a glance which areas of their catalog need additional improvements thanks to our enhanced Data Quality Insights dashboard.

This new and improved dashboard is designed to make it easier than ever for your teams to monitor the quality of your product data and get recommendations on how to improve it. The dashboard provides product enrichment teams with clear, actionable insights to help them fix problematic product data, and even includes a reworked Data Quality Score, which allows you to grade data quality and compliance with ease. Data Quality Insights becomes even more helpful with advanced spell-check features and language coverage to match global organization needs!

A revamped dashboard with actionable insights to improve data quality

Add your own measurement units

Akeneo PIM’s latest release also offers users the enhanced level of catalog and product structure flexibility they need to adjust their catalogs to their business needs.

Akeneo PIM now includes advanced Measurements capabilities designed to give users increased flexibility when enriching product information. Users can now easily create custom units of measurement and measurement families to fit their needs, in addition to the wide range of traditional and standard measurements that are already available in the PIM, meaning you can now easily add any new measurement you need to remain in compliance with local norms or specific industry requirements.

A new menu and a new screen to easily manage your measurements and customize them!

And there’s more to come!

That’s just a few of the amazing new capabilities we’ve added in Akeneo PIM 5.0 and in Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition Serenity.

There are many other improvements in the latest edition of Akeneo PIM which include features like easier product modeling capabilities, advanced assets and reference entities import and export features, enhancements to our product grid, and new private views designed to allow users to better organize their tasks and daily work.

And there are more on the way! We’ve got plenty of other great features and improvements on our roadmap for 2021 and beyond.

So, if you want to get more value from your investment in PIM, have better control over your product data, improve your connectivity, and help your team become more productive than ever, you need the most powerful PIM solution available, upgrade to or get Akeneo PIM 5.0. If you want to be always on the leading edge of the latest PIM features and improvements, and be relieved of maintenance and hosting pains, have a look at our Akeneo PIM Serenity Edition.

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