Best. Team. Ever.

Everyday, men and women fight against the multichannel nightmare. Want to know more about these product data superheroes? Don't be shy, come and meet them!
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Meet our wonderful team!

  • Product

    Brave knights, without fear and above reproach, this team is ready to conquer new technology. They understand that unity is strength and love to create new features to combat the fear of the multi-channel monster. They work as different teams called Suricat, Racoon, or Squirrels, don't ask me why, it does sound good. And when they gather around a table, it's not only to talk about features.

  • Professional services

    As technical sorcerers and functional magicians, our professional services team likes to travel the world to spread their knowledge. Part alchemists, they intuitively understand the ingredients and unguents that will transform your project into an unalloyed success! See ? We managed to talk about "unguent".

  • Marketplace

    Made up of sophisticated architects and advanced technicians, this team builds solid bridges with our technical partners to ensure that product data goes everywhere it needs to. Talking about connectors, add-ons, bundles, plug-ins, here is the place.

  • Sales

    These explorers revel in curiosity, determination, and responsiveness. They listen quietly, ask piercing questions, and then show off their oracle-like powers. No blabla talks. Results.

  • Channel manager

    The primary Akeneo emissaries to the wider sales world, the channel management team unites the best partners in our goal of world conquest. These diplomats and part-time bards constantly lure new allies while singing the praises of our partners.

  • Customer care

    The psychics and mediums that make up this team know where to look for the right information to anticipate the needs of our customers while linking up the various Akeneo resources to get the job done.

  • Marketing

    These artists, evangelists and hydra tamers, come together to spread the seeds of Akeneo to the 4 corners of the world. Without them, you wouldn't hear much about us. Would be a shame, wouldn't it?

  • Internal project

    These application psychologists and tool makers know how to identify the needs of each team and build the best possible equipment to make their jobs easier. Without them, we 'd still be working using exel. Yes, even us.

  • Office

    A group of wise old souls with the curiosity of a young padawan and the organization skills of war expert. This tribe advises, guides, and supports our teams by immersing themselves in grimoires or finding the latest innovations that will improve the lives of everyone! They ease our day to day life. and they do it well.


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