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Mar 11, 2022

6 Ways Akeneo PIM Delivers Unbeatable ROI

There is no doubt that implementing a PIM is a valuable investment for companies.






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Get great ROI with Akeneo PIM. For companies that take full advantage of a PIM, the ROI is no doubt outstanding. They’ll see a nice lift in revenue from a higher eCommerce conversion rate, they’ll reap the benefits of lowering their rate of returns, and they’ll be able to enrich more products with fewer people in a shorter amount of time. From there, they open up new sales channels and even explore carrying additional products or becoming a marketplace of their own. Added together, our $20 million company has generated nearly $1 million in new revenue and saved $275,000 in cost from using Akeneo PIM.

Want to read the results?

A system of record for accurate, up to date, and complete product data with all the necessary attributes, stored in a platform that mandates governance, empowers collaboration, and facilitates syndication to all of your sales channels is critical to delivering a product experience that can help unlock growth for your business.

However, the leaders that typically approve the investment in PIM projects always ask the payback question — what is the ROI from this project? The good news is that quantitative measurements abound.

Let’s dive into the metrics so that you can get down to the calculations for your own analysis.

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