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Get products to market without heavy lifting

Product data is often spread across multiple source systems. The teams who manage and use product data span different business units in different regions. The result often leads to process inefficiency and inconsistent data quality, which results in high operational costs for you and poor buying experiences for your dealers. Akeneo PXM Studio provides a best-of-breed PIM for heavy machinery manufacturers and distributors to drive efficient PIM processes and deliver accurate details and compelling product descriptions for excellent customer experiences.

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Grow globally at scale

Sharing data and selling globally can be complex and challenging. Create and enrich data with compelling product descriptions and correct measurement units for every country and language, every time.

Manage complex technical catalogs

Manage highly detailed technical information, images, and documents for thousands of products and variants with ease. Automate repetitive enrichment tasks and make bulk updates for greater efficiency.

A system of record for widespread teams

Centralize your company’s product data into a single system of record no matter the location or language. Enable collaboration for your many teams across multiple locations who use their own processes and product records.

Visibility into enrichment workflows

Quickly identify which products, down to each granular variation, are missing product data. Easily spot poor quality and inconsistencies. Increase productivity and prioritize with actionable insights.

Key Akeneo PIM Capabilities

Deliver cross-channel consistency

Supplement your print catalog with tailored product listings relevant for digital channels such as web, marketplaces, mobile, and more. Pre-built API-based connectors rapidly feed complete product data to leading eCommerce platforms.

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Build customer trust

Use Akeneo PIM’s Data Quality Insights to ensure customers only see high quality, accurate data in your catalogs. Spot errors, improve consistency, and track product data quality over time to make sure you’re delivering the best possible product experiences that customers demand.

Reduce the heavy lifting

Akeneo PIM is an easy-to-use solution designed for marketers to onboard, enrich, and distribute technical, usage, and emotional product information. Its rules engine helps automate and scale enrichment, and collaborative Teamwork Assistant improves process control.

Benefits of PIM-driven PXM

Improve data quality

Faster time to market

Increase conversions

Increase productivity

Deliver cross-channel consistency

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