New free extension on our marketplace: a dedicated UI to simplify the rules engine!

The Rules Engine is a key feature of the Akeneo Enterprise Edition.
To improve the user experience and make Akeneo PIM more efficient, our German partner basecom has developed a graphical user interface for the rules engine that simplifies the maintenance and editing of YAML files.

Akeneo rules UI Extension: create, edit and delete rules easily

This rules engine extension provides a graphic user interface that enables more convenient creation, editing and deletion of rules. Previously, the only way to create or edit rules was to import dedicated YAML files.

What is the Rules Engine?

The rules engine is an Enterprise Edition feature that allows you to define automation rules and smart attributes.

  • Automatically classify your products based on their attribute values
  • Edit an attribute value based on another attribute’s value
  • Easily extend the rules engine to add your own actions and triggers which helps you automate many functions within Akeneo

A rule is built with one or several conditions and will trigger one of several actions.

Akeneo rules UI Extension:

With this new extension, you can create a new rule, edit and delete an existing rule directly from the interface without a YAML file.

Interested in more information?

This video from basecom explains everything about the Akeneo Rules Extension: how to install it and how to use it (starting at 4’ minutes).

If you have any questions or comments regarding the rules UI Extension or if you are considering an integration into your Akeneo Enterprise, please contact Steffen Krüger, IT-Consultant at our partner basecom at

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