Listen Now: Akenehome

There are a few advantages to working from home. No traffic to deal with on your commute for one, and no forgetting your lunch at home either.

But the biggest advantage? It might just be replacing your office’s typical soundtrack of overheard conference calls, water-cooler chatter, and the clacking of neighbors’ keyboards with your own favorite songs to help pass the time. 

And if you’re looking for some new tunes for your self-isolation soundtrack, we have just the thing: the Akenehome Spotify playlist! This playlist is the ultimate quarantine companion — it comes fully stocked with more than 100 songs featuring artists and song titles inspired by the current pandemic. Each track was suggested by different members of the Akeneo team, and the playlist includes a range of genres, from classic rock to hip hop to oldies and everything in between.

So turn on, tune in, and dance to your favorite songs on the Akenehome playlist! While you’re at it, share your songs with the Akeneo PIM community on LinkedIn and Twitter with the hashtag #Akenehome, and see which tunes are the community’s favorites!


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