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Apr 30, 2021

Unlocking the Omnichannel Opportunity Through Innovation in PXM Maturity at JD Group

Learn how JD Group dramatically cut time to market and expanded their catalog through the power of PIM.






Omnichannel Commerce

Optimized Catalog Management

Product Experience Management

Team Collaboration


Product Experience Management is very much a journey. Furniture and appliances retailer JD Group have always kept their vision in mind as they took each step, and then shared it with the teams involved throughout the product life cycle. In this insightful session, they will describe how they found the winning ticket to becoming PXM innovators and champions. Hear how JD Group:

  • Treats online product information as a virtual salesperson
  • Grew their catalog from 6,000 to 20,000 items with the help of PIM, and accelerated time to market from 6 days to 6 hours to get products ready to sell
  • Used consistent product data and marketing messages to create customer trust and loyalty

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