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We needed the PIM that could support 60,000 products without limitations. Akeneo was the one solution that met all those needs.

Number of Products

60,000 products

Data Sources


Distribution Channels


The Challenge

As their name literally translates to “eCommerce”, it’s no surprise that has been a retail powerhouse in Finland since 1992. With a unique blend of physical stores and a bustling eCommerce shopping experience, offers a diverse range of products, including computers, home electronics, toys, gaming, and navigation products, and boasts an extensive catalog of over 60,000 products, selling both directly to consumers and to other businesses. sought out a PIM solution that would support their vast catalog of products, integrate seamlessly with their existing technology stack, and provide a more compelling experience for their customers.

In this downloadable case study, we dive into how harnessed Akeneo technology to unlock the next level of customer experiences with smarter cross-sell and upsell opportunities, enhanced internal efficiency, and scalable product experience management.

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