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Jun 27, 2022

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Equipping Champions: Babolat & Akeneo

Akeneo customer Babolat equips tennis legend Rafael Nadal with the right tools as he heads to Wimbledon.


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The Wimbledon tennis tournament begins this week, and following his exhilarating win at the French Open, all eyes are on Spanish tennis legend Rafael Nadal. Ranked #4 worldwide in singles by the Association of Tennis Professionals and with 22 grand slam wins in his back pocket, it’s clear that Nadal knows what it takes to win, and knows that the right equipment goes a long way.

Rafael Nadal’s association with Babolat, the oldest racquet sports company in the world, goes back to when he was just nine years old and has only grown stronger over the years. His collection of trophies and accolades rest comfortably on top of his Babolat racquet, and he’s even become instrumental in the development and design of new racquets. He credits much of his success to having the right tools at hand, and understands the value of a solid foundation.

Success takes dedication, hard work, and discipline, but equipping yourself with the right tools and the right mindset is how you become a champion. As an Akeneo customer and recipient of the 2022 Unlock Expansion Award, we’ve worked with Babolat to develop the best customer experience possible so that everyone, including Rafael Nadal, gets everything they need to succeed.

For more information on Akeneo and Babolat, you can check out our customer case study, and don’t forget to tune into the Wimbledon championship this week!


Akeneo & Babolat Customer Study

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