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Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition is purpose-built for ease of use while providing powerful enterprise-grade features. With advanced functionality that anyone can use, you won’t just manage your product information processes, you’ll optimize them, no matter the size of your catalog. Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition’s flexibility and robust ecosystem of API-driven integrations enable your teams to deliver product experiences that drive real business impact.

Leading enterprises choose Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition

Sell Better with Compelling and Consistent Product Experiences

Your customers need accurate product information in order to make informed purchasing decisions faster, better, and more often. Without it, they may turn to a competitor. Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition helps you provide the best customer experiences across all of your channels. No matter the size or complexity of your catalog, Akeneo PIM is your single source of truth. Advanced Enterprise Edition features enable you to share your brand values, manage variations, and comply with global standards. Automate redundant tasks and pinpoint missing information for a more efficient time-to-market. Your teams can focus on what they do best: enriching products for compelling customer experiences that sell more products. Your teams can focus on what they do best: enriching products for compelling customer experiences that sell more products. And guess what? They can now leverage Generative AI within the PIM interface to save time and generate product content faster.

Sell Faster with Efficient Processes Backed by Powerful Technology

In the ever-changing world of commerce, efficiency is key and team collaboration can often be a bottleneck for business growth. Whether you have ten PIM users, hundreds, or more, and no matter the complexity of your processes, you have to enrich your product information. Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition’s advanced permissions and Enrichment Workflows will allow you to securely manage those users by defining specific and clear roles, tasks, deadlines and access for everyone. Your large teams benefit from a secure and customizable workspace where they’ll focus on only the products they need and nothing else.
Plus, new Business Analytics (coming in addition to the already adopted Time-to-Market Insights) deliver operational metrics and KPIs that measure the impact of the product content created on business performance and track how long it takes your teams to prepare products for launch in Akeneo PIM. All this to identify opportunities to streamline the product data enrichment strategy and process and bring products to market faster and better.

Sell Anywhere with PIM Designed for Omnichannel Activation

From brick-and-mortar to eCommerce, through social selling and “phygital” experiences, Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition will help you build the omnichannel product experiences your customer expects today and get you ready for those of the future. Manage accurate translations with your teams by leveraging Generative AI or working better with external providers to increase sales and reduce returns.
Expand into new marketplaces and easily adapt to the requirements of any touchpoint, thanks to Activation for Retail. With Enterprise-grade add-ons like premium integrations, supplier management tools, and catalog sharing capabilities, you can take your business to the next level and become truly omnichannel.

Enterprise Grade Experiences

Automate Manual Tasks

Manage product variations like size, color, or material for thousands of products with ease. Automate redundant and menial tasks for variants with custom rules and make bulk updates for greater efficiency.

Manage Digital Assets

Images, videos, PDFs, and more are vital media associated with your products. Organize, enrich, link, transform and share multimedia assets with Asset Manager, exclusive to Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition.

Be Truly Omnichannel

No matter how you distribute your product information, you need to count on its accuracy. Manage data for eCommerce sites, print catalogs, direct mail, distributors, dealers, direct sales and more from within a single system of record.

Stand Out with Brand Values

Creating a great product experience often requires more than just product data. Complementary to assets, Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition will enable you to share your brand guidelines, highlight your core values, and introduce inspirational stories or images.

Optimize for Data Quality

Never worry about publishing products before they’re ready. Akeneo Enterprise Edition offers advanced features like wider language coverage, extended spell-check capabilities and additional key indicators to deliver spotless product experiences wherever you are selling.

Govern your Data

Keep track of all changes made on your products and catalog structure, and roll back products to any prior version as you need. Simplify password management while ensuring security thanks to our single sign-on option for organizations with multiple users.

Empower Your Teams

Guide business contributors through the enrichment process to ensure consistency and collaboration by providing sequential workflows based on assigned tasks.
Offer operational market metrics and KPIs that track how products or product ranges perform on different markets and sales channels and help refine PX enrichment strategy based on content impact and productivity.

Collaborate With Suppliers at Scale

Add suppliers directly to Akeneo PIM and invite them to easily upload product files and assets in a dedicated portal. Make data collection more efficient by providing suppliers with guidelines and leveraging rules to confirm data is correct and compliant before synchronization with Akeneo PIM.

Activate Your Products on any Channel

Activate your product experiences at scale across your key sales channels. Empower your teams to map and transform product data to meet channel requirements, leveraging the single source of truth in the PIM to optimize content for each channel and syndicate products more efficiently.

We’ve got your back with Akeneo enterprise services

Don’t go at it alone. Akeneo’s team of experienced Customer Success experts are here to help ensure you’re on track at every step of your PIM journey. During implementation, Akeneo’s team of Consultants will partner with your integrator to ensure a successful go-live. You’ll learn about the key concepts, and discover how to analyze and refine your product enrichment processes from experienced team members. We will help you conceptualize and scope your PIM project, as well as challenge you to constantly be thinking about achieving your next business goal. Once you’re live, count on Support with strong Service Level Agreements to help guide you through any questions you come across.

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