How do I know how many channels I need to create?

The purpose of a PIM system is to enable the propagation of your product information from a single point to many heterogeneous destinations. Those destinations could be an e-commerce website, a mobile application, a print catalog, a marketplace, or any third-party system. That’s what we are calling channels.

In Akeneo Community Edition, you will be able to create as many channels as you want directly from the back-end. Each channel will have a few properties to define what should be the exact subset of data associated to the channel (locales, currencies, categories). Please note that in the Enterprise Edition version, you have a limited amount of channels included in your license, each additional channel has to be purchased. For more information about the Enterprise Edition version, please contact our Sales team!

To determine how many channels you need, you have to define your export destinations and what information you want to export for each one.

One channel aims to match specific export destination: a website, a catalog, a store… Basically, if you are using the same data (products selection and information…) for all your export targets, you can only configure one channel within Akeneo.

If your product information is changing depending on the destination, for instance, one export target matches a specific product selection and product information, in this case, each destination will be considered as one channel.

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