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Mai 15, 2018

SaaS PIM: Say Goodbye to IT Overhead

Over the past few years, demand for Software-as-a-service (SaaS) versions of business applications such as CRMs and ERPs have increased dramatically. ...



Over the past few years, demand for Software-as-a-service (SaaS) versions of business applications such as CRMs and ERPs have increased dramatically.

So what does that mean for Product Information Management (PIM)? How can users benefit from using a SaaS PIM solution versus an on-premise solution?

Why would you want your PIM in the Cloud?

Akeneo’s SaaS PIM is a secure, low-risk solution to handling your product information, even for very large or complicated catalogs.
Akeneo’s SaaS PIM solution provides your organization with numerous advantages: Focus on enhancing product information
  • Spend resources managing your product information, not maintaining hardware and software.
  • Marketers can focus on business needs, and not worry about developer resource constraints.
The full power of Enterprise Edition
  • Simplify catalog processes with the complete feature set of the Enterprise Edition.
  • Access to the source code base enables custom development as well as visibility into code quality, robustness, security, and scalability.
  • Quickly connect to your existing infrastructure with a comprehensive web API.
  • Akeneo Marketplace Extensions make common customizations and integrations quick and painless.
Flexibility and control
  • Cloud installation and deployment saves effort and resources.
  • Deployed in nearest network data center for optimum performance.
  • Option to control upgrades and patch deployments.
Security and scalability
  • 24x7x365 availability and monitoring.
  • Cloud infrastructure provided by Google.
  • Encrypted backups maintained by Akeneo.
Stop worrying about your technical infrastructure with Akeneo Cloud Edition.

Akeneo Cloud Edition: One PIM Served Two Ways

Based on different needs for different requirements, we created two deployments to deliver a Cloud PIM solution to meet your needs. Flexibility mode is a platform-as-a-service model and gives organizations total control over the software including the ability to customize it. In contrast, Serenity mode provides a more classic SaaS experience with all of the infrastructure and maintenance issues taken care of automatically in the background.

Flexibility Mode: Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

This fully customizable cloud mode provides you with all the flexibility and features of Akeneo Enterprise Edition. The only real difference is that Akeneo PIM is hosted on our servers rather than your own. Your team still has full control over when to install patches and updates, as well as the ability to customize the PIM and use the API, so you can adapt the solution to your needs without dealing with infrastructure maintenance. Flexibility mode provides full access to Akeneo’s source code. This means that your team still has the same endless customization options you’d have on-premise -- including creating your own connectors or utilizing the full range of connectors available in the Marketplace.
Get advanced customization options with Akeneo Cloud Edition: Flexibility Mode.

Serenity Mode: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Serenity mode provides you with all of the Akeneo Enterprise features as well as access to the API, but without the advanced customization capabilities. This is perfect for organizations who don’t need deeply customized code. Serenity mode is fully automated, meaning you don’t have to worry about scheduling upgrades or patches; you’ll get them all automatically. Plus, just like Flexibility Mode, you have access to the full Akeneo PIM ecosystem of trusted Marketplace extensions.
Get updates automatically with Akeneo Cloud Edition: Serenity Mode.

SaaS PIM: Let Akeneo Take Care of It

With Akeneo’s cloud PIM offerings, you get all the benefits of Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition without the headache of maintaining a complicated technology infrastructure. Whether you want the ability to fully customize our PIM using Flexibility mode or want the ease-of-mind of Serenity mode, we have the optimal solution for you. Interested in seeing Akeneo Cloud Edition in action? Contact us today for a guided tour of our open-source cloud PIM.  

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