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Sep 07, 2017

Akeneo PIM 2.0 is around the corner!

Yes - you read it correctly! Today we are very excited to announce that the next version of Akeneo to be released won’t be 1.8 but 2.0!This is a sig...

Yes – you read it correctly! Today we are very excited to announce that the next version of Akeneo to be released won’t be 1.8 but 2.0!

This is a significant milestone in the history of our product and a new step in our mission to make Product Information Management available for everyone. Four years after the release of our first public beta, we are proud to bring our solution to the next level! Here’s what to expect from this 2.0 release:

  • Akeneo PIM 2.0 will be the first version of Akeneo available in a full SaaS mode (Serenity Mode). If you want to benefit from all the new features of Akeneo without thinking about migrations, this is the version for you!
  • Akeneo PIM 2.0 features a brand new user interface. User Experience has always been our top priority and we truly believe that this new version will bring significant improvements in the way you work with product information on a daily basis.
  • Scalability! More scalability! We raised the bar (again) with this new version – allowing the most complex catalogs to be easily managed in your system.
  • And of course, we added some new features and improved some existing capabilities, like the API we introduced in 1.7.

There is a lot to say about Akeneo PIM 2.0. Make sure to follow our blog in the coming weeks as we will continue to unveil more details on this release.

Stay tuned for more information to come,


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Juin 07, 2024

Réussir le lancement de votre PIM : Stratégies pour une mise en œuvre fluide

Êtes-vous prêt à réussir l'implémentation de votre PIM ? Découvrez comment maîtriser votre processus de mise en œuvre du PIM avec Valtech,...

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Mar 20, 2024 2 min to read

Viva Technology a sélectionné Akeneo dans son Top 100 Next Unicorns de 2024

Nous sommes fiers de figurer dans le Top 100 Next Unicorns de VivaTech mettant en avant les Scale Ups Européenne en partenariat avec GP Bullhound.

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Mar 15, 2024 3 min to read

Qu’est ce qu’un Product Cloud fondé sur l’IA ?

Découvrez les nouvelles capacités d’IA et de GenAI intégrées au sein du Product Cloud d’Akeneo, annoncées dans le cadre de la Spring Release...

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