The road to 1.0

Since our first public beta release last week we are receiving a lot of questions about next releases and planned features.

First we would like to say a warm « thank you » to all of you for your kind comments and feedbacks through Twitter, emails or forum. We are really happy and proud to see this amazing community growing and sharing the same excitement than us for an open source PIM. We are really committed to bring you the best support we can to start contributing to this project! And even if this beta is the result of many months of hard work, we don’t want to stop here!

We are planning to open one new version every month until our 1.0 release (planned for January 2014).

Our direction is clear, so that we have already planned some features. This is certainly not a comprehensive list, but we captured some of the highlights in our first roadmap.

We would of course love to hear from you. Especially if you see some missing but important things in this list. Forum is the best place to discuss and share ideas and thoughts.

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