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Avr 26, 2018

PIM Integrations for Simplified Product Information Management Across Channels

If you sell or distribute products across multiple channels, you may find it difficult to keep your product and catalog data consistent across all the...



If you sell or distribute products across multiple channels, you may find it difficult to keep your product and catalog data consistent across all the apps and channels you use. That’s why many eCommerce organizations use product information management (PIM) to manage their entire product catalog (see our webpage What is a PIM?). The strength of a PIM system is only as good as the data that is put into it, and therefore your success depends on the strength and quality of your PIM integrations into your IT landscape—they are the key to keeping product information consistent across all channels.

PIM Integrations

Akeneo PIM is the leading open source product information management solution available on the market. Our open source approach, combined with a vibrant ecosystem of partners, makes it easy to integrate our solution with a range of other applications like ERPs, eCommerce storefronts, print catalogs, and online marketplaces using off-the-shelf or custom connectors.

Our extensive ecosystem of integrations allows our customers to focus on their eCommerce business, rather than dealing with complicated technology.

Here is a list of our most popular PIM Integrations with third-parties.

Google Shopping

This extension exports your Akeneo data into Google Shopping and allows you to map your shopping attributes to match those used in Google Shopping so your system continues to run without interruption. If the export process finds an unmapped attribute, it flags the entry for review but continues processing the rest of the files to minimize the impact on your eCommerce operations.

Quickly and easily present your products on Google Shopping channels.

Icecat Connector

Icecat is the world’s largest open catalog with more than four million High Tech products and more than 15,000 brands. You can import the Icecat data to enrich your existing product data, including attributes such as marketing text, images, multimedia assets, PDFs, and energy labels in up to 47 different languages. Simply map the Akeneo attributes to the Icecat taxonomy and you’re ready to go.

Use the Icecat connector to further enrich product information.


Mirakl is an online multi-vendor marketplace platform that can help you launch your eCommerce marketplace without a lot of time or hassle. In addition to its robust, modern technology platform, Mirakl also has a team of experienced consultants who can help you implement a combined Akeneo/Mirakl marketplace solution. Many configurations can be used depending on your business context and stakes as this connector can both pull and push data.

Accelerate your project initiatives and continue expanding your business with the Mirakl extension. 

Read our blog serie Multi-vendor Marketplace is it for you? to learn more on the marketplace model benefits.


PIM2CATALOG is a marketing services tool to accelerate the conception of print catalogs. By directly connecting to Akeneo, you can quickly send your information into Adobe InDesign and easily create beautiful catalogs. You can be confident that the data is consistent and up-to-date between your online data and your print catalog since the data is taken directly from your Akeneo PIM records.

Create beautiful catalogs, datasheets, advertisements and more.

Plus, you can use PIM2CATALOG for more than just print catalogs—think product data sheets, price lists and advertisements. By eliminating the painful and time-consuming process of manually creating design assets, PIM2CATALOG saves you time and money while helping your product information reach the market quickly.

PIM to Translation.com aka « Akeneo2GlobalLink »

Akeneo2GlobalLink is the streamlined translation extension created in conjunction with our solution partner StrikeTru that allows you to connect Akeneo PIM directly to Translations.com. In one streamlined process, you can send product information from Akeneo PIM to translations.com for translation. You can even request information to be translated into multiple languages in a single workflow process. These localizations are then automatically uploaded into the PIM system once completed. This extension ensures that you can continue to scale your business and localize product information for many global destinations.

Use Translations.com to translate product information and have it directly update Akeneo PIM.

PIM to Magento 1 aka « PIMGento 1 »

PIMGento 1 is a Magento plugin that reads data from your Akeneo system and sends the data directly to Magento data files. It uses CSV file formats to move data, including categories, families, attributes, options, products, product positions by category and images, and inventory balances.

Easily integrate your Akeneo PIM data with your Magento data files using the PIMGento1 plugin.

You can set PIMGento 1 to run automatically or manually without any deep customization or integration requirements that might slow you down. It runs up to 10 times faster than Magento’s native import/export routines.

PIM to Magento 2 aka « Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 »

Together with Agence Dn’D, Akeneo worked on an official Connector to spread Akeneo catalogs to Magento 2 webstores. This SaaS-compliant, API-driven, integration will help merchants to accelerate their growth and time-to-market in just a few steps. Download the Akeneo Connector for Magento 2.

Import Magento 2 data without disturbing the structure of your eCommerce site.


Productsup is a leading cloud-based solution for product data management. Use it to import product data from multiple sources, analyze and optimize it, and distribute custom feeds to unlimited destinations – quickly and easily. eCommerce sites can streamline their processes by optimizing the collection, import, distribution, and structure of product information across an unlimited number of channels. The increased control over the company’s product information helps ensure consistency across channels, which reduces returns and unhappy customers while maximizing revenue and profit. Productsup also simplifies the entire process of product information management across multiple channels.

Import product data and distribute custom feeds to unlimited sources and destinations.


Tessa is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. With the Tessa DAM you can streamline your media processing with tailored workflows and deep collaboration capabilities. Once this integration is opened, users have access to all Tessa functionality and can execute full text searches, search on tags, metadata, or categories, and can assign attributes to assets. Tessa also includes a drag and drop upload functionality for product information, and offers security features that can be specified by user or role.

A DAM is the PIM for processing your media and is fully complementary with the Akeneo Enterprise Edition feature: the Product Asset Manager


Unlike some translation tools that either only use machine translation or rely solely on human translators, Textmaster has a network of qualified human translators and a machine learning component to automatically translate the previously approved text. This hybrid system provides human quality with machine speed and efficiency. The Textmaster/Akeneo integration allows for all translation workflows to happen directly within the Akeneo PIM, making it easy for you to expand your business into new locales.

Textmaster utilizes hybrid translation by humans and machines to ensure your translations are accurate.

Download this practical guide « From Overwhelming to Organized: Scaling Global Product Management » to learn more.

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You Need PIM Integrations for eCommerce

If your company is engaged in eCommerce —and what company isn’t in today’s economy —then you need a product information management solution to ensure consistency and accuracy of your product information across all channels. Relying on spreadsheets for managing data is a time-consuming and an error-prone waste of resources when you could be working with a world-class open-source PIM solution to manage all your product data in a centralized location.

Keep in mind that PIM is most effective when fully customized and integrated into your existing tools and workflow. Akeneo helps organizations achieve this both through a wide variety of off-the-shelf integrations, connectors, and customizations and by providing an open source ecosystem full of local and technical partners.

To learn more about the Akeneo PIM solution, contact us or visit our online marketplace of PIM integrations and extensions to see the selection of industry leading solution integrations we offer.

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