One Version of the Truth: A Better Way to Manage Product Data

John Russell, the ex VP of Harley-Davidson once said that “we don’t sell motorcycles. We sell to 43-year-old accountants, the ability to dress in leather, ride through small towns and have people be afraid of them.”

In other words, Harley Davidson sells experiences, not motorcycles. The same can be said of Product Information Management (PIM) systems.

You might think a PIM system is just a neat way to manage your business’ product information, but the overall effect that a PIM system can have on your business and your organization can be dramatic and transformational.

In the new Journal of digital commerce, John Evans, Product Marketing Director here at Akeneo, provides strategies for managing product information, to help you move beyond the Excel pivot table by looking at:

  •      3 main challenges with product information management
  •      How product information has expanded and evolved
  •      How quality of information impacts online conversions
  •      5 key tips for eCommerce Managers managing product information
  •      The results – an Akeneo client example

The Journal of digital commerce is a professional trade journal from industry experts and technology partners to help you find your way in the digital jungle.

Is time to drive things forward? Read our full article and download your copy of the Journal of digital commerce today:



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