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Juin 18, 2018

Catalog Management: The Right Tool for the Right Job

You wouldn’t use a Louis Vuitton stiletto to hammer a molly anchor into plaster with the hopes that it will hold that 200-pound mirror over the mantel...

You wouldn’t use a Louis Vuitton stiletto to hammer a molly anchor into plaster with the hopes that it will hold that 200-pound mirror over the mantel, would you? Of course not. So why are you still using a simple spreadsheet program to handle the heavy lifting of catalog management?

Get out your power drill.

A Product Information Management system, or PIM for short, is the right tool for all your catalog management jobs. Update an entire product line? With the touch of a button. Need customizable access for your contributors? No problem. Translate products into German? Chinese? French? Bien sur! Export personalized assortment to multiple platforms? In the blink of an eye!

PIM is the powerful tool that addresses all your catalog management needs.

Catalog management software is the crucial tool for building capacity, which in turn fortifies growth and bolsters expansion into new locales. With the right PIM system, you control the pace of your business destiny.

How do we do it?

Schema of Akeneo PIM 2018

Akeneo PIM is your toolbox for the collection, enrichment, and distribution of product information.

Automatically collect or import data from whatever source you like. Akeneo provides the ability to integrate with virtually any data source such as ERPs, vendor portals, spreadsheets, and .csv files.

Enrich product descriptions with marketing details, technical data, and media files. Ensure that all product information is included before items are exported with our completeness widgets.

Distribute your products easily through a variety of sales channels (print, mobile applications, marketplaces, e-commerce website, etc.). You have complete control over every aspect, and transforming digital to print is as easy as the click of a button.

Total freedom in the way you want to market your products.

Akeneo PIM makes managing your team easy.

Advanced Rights Management: Akeneo PIM gives you complete control over the type of access for each user. Whether users are internal employees or external freelancers, you determine exactly what they can or cannot construct.

Approval Workflows: Maintaining editorial control over your content is a necessity. However, it would be a herculean task to enrich every product yourself. You can view, approve (or reject) and generally keep tabs on all that your contributors have appended with our super-easy workflow validation engine.

Teamwork Assistant: Speaking of tabs, Teamwork Assistant makes it easy for teams to manage themselves. Tasks that need to be completed are displayed on an easy-to-use interface, personalized for every team member. Teamwork Assistant even helps keep your team on track by automatically generating reminders as deadlines approach.

Catalog management made easy.

So why Akeneo?

  • Easy to learn and use – with Akeneo PIM’s intuitive user interface, your team can spend less time training and more time doing.
  • Customization is not an issue – we understand that every project is as unique as our customers, so our solution is built to support all types of catalogs.
  • Streamlines workflows – from product introductions, updates, or even full production of printed publications, Akeneo PIM provides users multiple tools to make the entire process efficient, trackable, and complete. And with your next collection around the corner, you’ll be ready!
  • Connections made easy – we have worked with numerous technology partners to develop an ecosystem of extensions to simplify integration with the other tools and systems you are already using.
  • Open source makes for better business – the open nature of Akeneo encourages users to customize their PIM to fit the way they do business. As a result, there is a thriving community of integrators to help make that happen.
  • Spreadsheets are so yesterday – you want to grow and expand your business for today’s marketplace, so why use an outdated catalog management tool to help you achieve that blueprint?

The question isn’t why would you use Akeneo’s PIM software, but rather Why wouldn’t you?

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