Akeneo 1.0 is here !

We are extremely excited and proud to announce the production release of Akeneo 1.0.

Akeneo 1.0 comes with a lot of improvements (see our changelog for all the details.) and also introduce an highly requested feature : a first version of our Magento Connector!  We will publish later more details about those new features and our plans for future releases.

As usual you can get it directly from Github or from our download page.

During the 5 past months of open beta we received an outstanding number of feedbacks and contributions (feature requests, bug fix, translations, …)  from our growing community.  We also had the opportunity to work with our solution partners on  ambitious integrations of Akeneo for large retailers like Auchan, Feu Vert, Cora, Sergent Major and many others (we will publish in the coming weeks detailed use cases). Thanks to these valuable insights we have been able to finalize a first robust release of our PIM system. It’s only the beginning of the journey but we strongly believe that this 1.0 release already brings a totally new approach to deal with product information.

Retailers can now face their multichannel challenges with the right tool. 

And it would not have been possible without your trust and your support – Thank you!

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