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Confidently tackle ecommerce digital transformation with PIM

Adapting your catalog. Changing your assortment. Migrating to a new eCommerce platform. Going direct-to-consumer. Pivoting your business. Whatever is driving your digital transformation initiative, preparing great product experiences will be key to success.
Akeneo offers a PIM for digital transformation that makes it easy to add and retire products from your catalog, manage the right product information for the right buying audience, and simplify the complexity involved in migrating product data to new ecommerce platforms. The result is compelling product experiences to support great customer experiences.

Leading enterprises choose Akeneo for digital transformation

Centralize your product information

You have product data coming from dozens of heterogeneous sources. You need a single system of record for all your products, for all your teams, and for all your channels. With Akeneo PIM as a central hub of product information, you can control and manage the data and the process, making your teams more productive and efficient.

Pivot your business

Whether you’re moving from B2B to D2C, or changing products you sell due to supply constraints and demand shifts, quickly managing your product catalog is a must. Akeneo rapidly adapts to accommodate new categories, new channels, and new product data required to present products just the way your customers want.

eCommerce platform migration made easy

Use Akeneo PIM to enrich and export product information from your legacy eCommerce platform to the new platform to ensure it is fully stocked with comprehensive, accurate product information and images from day one. By adopting a PIM at the start of your new eCommerce platform deployment you’ll accelerate and ease the migration process while positioning for easier future expansion and growth.

Speed your time-to-market

Got seasonal products? Or expanding your catalog to offer more items? Rapidly add new products or retire old ones, add new required attributes, re-categorize products, and prepare products for new sales channels. Get seasonal and specialty catalogs ready in time for prime buying periods.

Onboard your suppliers

Retailers and distributors often work with hundreds of suppliers, every one of them providing differently formatted data, documents, and images. That’s a nightmare to manage. With Akeneo PIM, you can offer a cloud-based supplier onboarder so suppliers provide you just the data you need, at the right time, and in your desired format!

Key Akeneo PIM Capabilities

Launch quickly

Akeneo’s flexibility, ease of use, automation, and workflow-driven governance helps reduce manual effort, enhance collaboration across teams, and accelerate the catalog management process.

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Build customer trust

Use Akeneo PIM’s Data Quality Insights to ensure customers only see high-quality, accurate data in your catalogs. Spot errors, improve consistency, and track product data quality over time to make sure you’re delivering the best possible product experiences that customers demand.

Unclog the product data pipeline

Akeneo PIM is an easy-to-use solution designed for marketers to onboard, enrich, and distribute technical, usage, and emotional product information. Its Validation Workflow and collaborative Teamwork Assistant help get data flowing smoothly to all your sales channels.

Unlock growth from your digital transformation initiative

Improve data quality

Speed time to market

Increase conversions

Increase productivity

Reduce returns

What digital transformation customers are saying

Akeneo PIM has allowed us to transform our business model while slashing enrichment costs, leading to increased revenue.

Before Akeneo, we could only update our products on the website 4 times a year. Now we can do it on a daily basis, so our webshop is always up-to-date.

Akeneo has become a critical part of our infrastructure. We’re light years ahead of where we’d be without Akeneo.

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