How to manage team collaboration with Akeneo PIM

A PIM solution is aimed to manage different kinds of product data, which means that different teams are involved on the project. It can be marketing teams, purchasing teams, technical teams, medias teams, and many more… That’s why team collaboration is key in a successful product management project.

But the question is: how to organize people working on the same products?

Several teams can work at the same time on the same product data in Akeneo. And daily users must know easily which products they have to work on. They also need a way to prioritize their work for even more efficiency.

That’s why we thought about a tool to simplify teams collaboration: the Teamwork Assistant!

Discover the recording of our short webinar about how to manage team collaboration in Akeneo PIM and improve your productivity!

Watch the recording of our past webinars here!

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