The second edition of Akeneo Partner Summit was last week, what happened?

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We organized on November 29th and 30th our second edition of the Akeneo Partner Summit, this year in Nantes, to make our partners discover our beautiful city. A 2 day-event full of conferences, workshops, Q&A sessions, good times and of course, party!

Ziggy APS2016 Nantes' Castle

We started in Nantes’ Castle with the plenary to present an overview of the past year and its achievements, to introduce some new teams at Akeneo and last but not least to announce the upcoming release of Akeneo PIM 1.7 and our Cloud Offer! The afternoon was animated by our sponsors, Mirakl, Oro, and Shopware, presenting their solutions. The plenary ended with the first session of our Partners Awards, rewarding the Contribution of the Year, the Project of the Year, and the Partner of the Year. We then reached Akeneo’s Headquarters for the Royal Party sponsored by Priint. The second and last day was still in our office with different workshops and Q&A sessions.

img_5715 img_5785 Royal Party

We gathered during this event more than 100 people, from 27 partners among 7 different countries. It was invigorating and so nice to have all our partners around. If you want to revive the event, have a look at #APS2016 on Twitter or check out our photos album!

Thank you to all of our partners and sponsors for being here with us and being part of this amazing journey, we can’t wait to do it again next year!

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