Teamwork Assistant: your new favorite project management tool!

We have received a lot of feedback concerning visibility over project progress. Our end users were having trouble discerning which products were new and which products still needed to be enriched. They also had trouble prioritizing tasks and had no way of knowing if they were on track for a project or not.

That’s why we developed the Teamwork Assistant. We wanted to make it easy for our users to track their progress and see which products still need to be enriched.

The Teamwork Assistant helps your product management team stay on schedule with tools like:

  • Progress Widget: Clear dashboards help team members understand what progress has been made on a project and see how many products they still need to enrich.
  • Automatic Tasks and Reminders: Rather than spending time configuring and organizing, our Teamwork Assistant automatically generates the next tasks and sends due date reminders to all team members.

You can significantly increase efficiency and productivity with the Teamwork Assistant. Automatic updates remove the tedious responsibility of manually checking task completion and due date prioritization helps end users always know what needs to be completed next. Instead of having to spend time figuring out what they needs to be done or looking through project schedules, users can focus on their real job – product enrichment.

Want to see our Teamwork Assistant in action? Watch the video below!

Our Teamwork Assistant is THE feature you need to boost productivity, collaborate effectively, and easily manage all of your projects.

Contact us if you have any questions about this feature or would like to schedule a complete demo.

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