Oro Platform code is open!

Our friends and partners from OroCRM just announced the availability of the Oro Platform and OroCRM code.

Oro Platform is a Business Application Platform (BAP) embedding many key functional and technical components. Thanks to Oro Platform we are able to build very quickly a robust and flexible application.

The released code contains some of the main features of the platform :

  • Advanced Search
  • REST and SOAP APIs
  • Full Navigation with Flexible Menu Structure – including history, most viewed items and a Pinbar
  • Users, Groups and Role Management with ACL
  • Flexible Entities with Dynamic Attributes
  • Data Audit
  • Data Grid
  • Form State Auto-save

These features are still work in progress and should NOT be used for production applications yet and are released for evaluation purpose only.
Akeneo is using most of these components and we are actually contributing to Oro Platform from the very beginning. That’s why we are sharing the great excitement of the Oro team and are very happy to give to the community this first opportunity to start looking at what our teams are building.

You can get acces to the code through this repository :

git clone https://github.com/orocrm/platform-application.git

You can also join the conversation in the Oro Platform forums

And the documentation is also available in the Oro wiki

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