A new Akeneo e-commerce connector is joining the Marketplace: please welcome Oroneo!

After the success of Prestaneo, the Prestashop & Akeneo connector, our partner Synolia just released Oroneo, a new connector for the OroCommerce platform.

What is OroCommerce?

OroCommerce – developed by Oro Inc. – provides a new competitive platform solution for B2B commerce, a growth market with huge potential.

With the new Oroneo connector, you can drive B2B sales with OroCommerce while managing your product catalog with Akeneo. Both OroCommerce and Akeneo use the Oro Platform as their common technical base.

Oroneo: The Akeneo Connector for OroCommerce

Oroneo is the only module available today that allows you to connect OroCommerce to Akeneo and utilize all the benefits of PIM on OroCommerce sites.

Oroneo is:

  • Simple to install: just a few lines of code need to be installed by your web developer (see the Github page post)
  • Easy to use and configure: with a dedicated screen for the Oroneo connector, you can easily expand OroCommerce’s standard features.
  • Flexible: Within OroCommerce, the module can be enriched and modified depending on user needs or future development plans.

Want to learn more about Oroneo? Find it on our Marketplace or visit the dedicated Github Repository.

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