Missing version numbers : Akeneo EE 1.1 & 1.2


We are now (very) close to release two new major versions for Akeneo Community and Enterprise Edition and – while reviewing the last details before spreading this great news to the world – a brilliant mind in our core team asked this very simple question : “Why our version numbers for Community Edition and Enterprise Edition are not aligned?”

Even if the answer to this question is actually quite simple (our first Enterprise Edition has been released at the same time than our third version of the Community Edition) we realized that it could become confusing to keep different version numbers for these two editions – especially because the Enterprise Edition relies on the Community Edition. Following our current versioning logic we should release this week Akeneo EE 1.1 that is based on Akeneo CE 1.3! Pretty weird isn’t it?

That’s why – after a long brainstorming (and a couple of sweet belgian beers) – we took this drastic yet necessary decision : there will be no 1.1 and 1.2 versions for Akeneo Enterprise Edition. We will skip those versions to release directly Akeneo CE and Akeneo EE 1.3. This might sounds crazy but – hey – we love being unpredictable and we are pretty sure that those two lost versions could become great sources of myths and rumors for future generations of Akenes (yes – we also decided that Akeneo Community members will now be called “Akenes” during this same productive brainstorming)

Stay tuned for more details about the content of this new version!

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